Old names / Returning to Classic TBC

Hey All,

With the announcement of TBC classic, I’m definitely making a return to WoW. However, I’ve noticed sadly our beautiful server is basically dead. But this made me start to think of old names and guilds. What are some old names you can remember from back in the day?
Ones that stick out to me:
Tharon - GM of my first ever guild Cauldron Born
Orbiter - ran vanilla raids in TBC, best times ever

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Hey check my thread for list of a lot of the old names

Late to this thread but I remember Cauldron Born.
It was my first guild in Vanilla. My first character name was Creatura, a resto Shaman. I remember a few members like, Acari (one of the main tanks), Ichuta (holy priest and I think founder of the guild?), Fa (I think a warlock), Macabre (a rogue), etc.
We were all on Kil’Jaeden, until Korgath opened as a new server and we had a free transfer there.
Good times, so many memories!