Old heads from WolK

Where are all my old heads that played back in WoLk-Khadgar, LOTP, EWV, VOID, so on and so on

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There arent many Khadgar people left! Few of us but with the server merge from Medivh and Exodar it feels like less and less!

I played in LOTP waaaay back in 2009 on a character named Fancit :joy:

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Playing TBC Classic on Mankrik.

hey buddy im around haha


I am semi around, been playing since wraith, and sometimes i redo my sub, sometimes i just hang around on my low level that does not require a sub

I was in Aftershock on Khadgar. We used to pair up with Ruby sometimes for raids. I seldom see people from that era around anymore.

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Iā€™m still around. :stuck_out_tongue:


Also still here :upside_down_face: