Old Blanchy Guilds

Post yer guilds!

Would love to see a forum thread with the available guilds and guild ideas. Personally, I’d like to join a guild that plans to do PvE stuff. Cool, thanks!


Yes, post up!

Like you OP, looking for a nice PvE guild. I’d like to join a guild that plans on raiding, but isn’t in a huge rush.


My guild, Prophecy, is taking it easy. Not much talk of raid teams, but it’s day 2. Plenty of time.

Divine Alliance Legacy still needs a couple of signatures for our charter. We are guildies from Divine Alliance of Mok’nathal and have been around since early 2007.

We’re a casual PvE guild made up of mostly older folks who like to socialize while we play. Not much into raiding but we will do dungeons on occasion.

We have a Ventrilo server, website, forums, email list, and welcome anyone who’d like to give us a try.


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LF Horde Guild. Grouping, chatting, etc. Nothing too serious, yet. Played vanilla - WotLK pretty hard!

Looking for a Horde Guild. Mature guild would be preferred. Just looking to have a group of players to play with. Want to raid eventually but not looking for anything too serious.

Honestly I’m just looking for a cool Guild name because I’ll play with anyone whenever I’m on but scheduling things bothers me.

I may do some GDKP runs possibly around 10 pm Tuesdays. Probably ZG more than MC.

Obviously a lot of that is TBA.

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I am looking for a guild on Horde for PVE content. Looking to raid as healer or tank. haven’t quite decided yet. I am currently only able to play about 2-3 hours per night, so Ive been working on leveling both a shaman and a warrior. Any suggestions or anyone recruiting other than in trade chat would be great. Thank you!

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IM with you! Lets team up!

Also looking for a good guild for the evenings to get some groups going. Playing 2 or 3 hours 2-4 nights a week!

We’re < Gonmenclature > and everyone’s welcome! Not just Gnomes! We’re 350+ strong, and we’re very active. Everyone’s friendly and we’d love to have you!


Gaiscioch is chilling on the Alliance side. Our doors are open to anyone who seeks a fun loving group of mature adults. Info at gsch.info

Relapse is recruiting on Alliance side! Our end-game focus will be raids with a side of pvp. We currently have 170+ members with anywhere from 10-35 or more on depending on the time of day, but would like to have more join us. Our levels range from 1-60 and all are welcome! We strive to be helpful and friendly and are awaiting making new friends as we gain more guildies. Please send an in-game message to Dusty, Dubmuffin, Rolovis, or Triver, if you are interested in joining us! We have discord too.

We were formed by several vanilla wow raiders that had quit this habit after cata, but ended up relapsing our addiction when classic released. We have many among our ranks with vanilla experience that relapsed their addiction as well.


Guild Name Pending has started Actively Recruiting new raiders. Our Goal is to be the Non-toxic version of the progression raiding guild. We allow alts and friends, since there’s no reason not to, and encourage all types of play.

Our only rule is: Don’t be a Dick!

Trinity is looking for people to join our core raid team, times are Tue-Weded 5 - 8 pm we are Looking for Healers and DPS for our team if you are interested pm me or our raid leader Seshomuru.

Praetorian Guards is a mature, casual guild that does it all where the emphasis is on having fun: serious raiding, casual raiding, dungeon groups, pvp (when it’s out), group questing, levelling alts together and hanging out chatting. PGs has been around since early Vanilla and peaked in WotLK with over 1400 members spanning 3 servers. We are looking for around 5-10 more players to fill our raid team as well as casual players to join our guild.

Reckoning is currently recruiting. looking for friendly and active guildies. all levels welcome, new and current raiders. in need of all for raids. Raid ZG Wednesdays 5:30 PM, MC/ONY Friday 5:30 PM server time, AQ Saturday 3:00 PM