Old Arthas Screenshots


Probably end of '04

the oldest I have, hi balmung, where ever you are

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www dot imgur dot com/HUaqWTQ because I cant post links :frowning:

This is the oldest surviving screenshot that I have, and only being on photobucket saved it and a few other old ones, the rest are mostly boss kills in BWL and AQ20/40. Used to play on an Apple G5, which ended up leaking coolant and self destructing, taking all of the old screenshots with it.

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Can’t post links so - imgur(dot)com/a/TSyzmAr
Excuse my interface… I was like 14 or 15 and liked seeing everyone and everything on my screen lol.
Unfortunately I only have 4. Two are from MC and AQ40 with TheVindicate, and the other two are just of my buddy messing around in Stormwind showing off his tanking sets. Really wish I had more of mine since I took a ton of them, but at least I regained access to this account and character last weekend and merged with my main account - so I’ll take that!

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Awesome! I happened to have my 4 on Photobucket as well, or else I’d have none of mine lol.

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Found photo from first Rag kill, so I guess this is now the oldest photo.

imgur dot com/5MJI8P5

This one was from BC, but Twoshot called his roll, and it was right for once.

imgur dot com/Xm575qu

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I will say, having cycled a few computers since '04, I really do wish I’d saved some screenshots. Best I’ve got is Zelda as a kitten sitting on top of the monitor as I work on… I dunno, something in WPL? Rep grind for elemental resist, maybe?

(The cat is still alive, happily sleeping by the window… they don’t really make cat-warming monitors anymore.)

https colon slash slash i dot imgur dot com slash H2xX3KS.jpg


I lost all my old ones :frowning: I had one of SECURITY raiding UC when I was like 54

btw if you guys put backticks around your url you can post the whole thing like


becomes https://i.imgur.com/dIh6l.jpg

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