Okay torghast actually needs a nerf

Floor 1 layer 8 final floor boss just gets to the point where it two shots you. So I bring in a tank friend, we get a bit further, but once the buff stacked up a few times, he got destroyed. Even with a healer healing him.

I’m not sure who this is intended for but I’m not convinced it’s actually possible unless you get incredibly lucky and get super RNG luck with the powers.


Hard disagree, Torghast is one of the most universally loved parts of this expansion for a reason. It’s challenging content, and this week the challenge has only gotten better. I think the system is working as intended.

Same here. They either stealth buffed all of torghast or simply made tuning for layer 7/8 way out of proportion with the rest of the layers.

Getting 2 shot by a boss even with 80k HP isn’t good design.

Torghast is meant to continue to be a challenge in the future. I don’t think that EVERYONE is intended to be able to solo layer 8 yet. It’s only week 4.

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I don’t disagree that it’s meant to be a challenge, but this doesn’t seem like gear or skill can fix this. Essentially you need to kick more abilities than possible. We can lock the boss down for a while, Or cycle stuns, kicks. but at a certain point it literally just gets his damage % buff stacked up that it two shots the tank that has 70k HP. This is floor 1. It’s quite literally either bugged or unintentionally overtuned.

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I haven’t tried layer 7 or 8 yet so you might be right that they need tuned down slightly, but my statement still stands that I don’t think most people are supposed to be able to clear those layers yet anyway. I would assume that Layer 8 is intended for 200-220 players to have a challenge with. If you aren’t even close to killing one of the bosses then yes, tuning is probably slightly out of whack.

Haven’t tried this level yet, so it’s Monday morning quarterbacking, but I wonder if this isn’t a push to bring more people to help spread kicks?

To further prove it’s probably bugged:

If you kick sin bolt, he starts bouncing up and down slightly out of melee range and continues spam casting with no CD at all (even after kicked, it just happens almost immediately again, faster than should be possible with kicks.)

The fight lasted roughly 1 minute. The tank took 600k damage, my pet took 200k (panick spawn and taunt) and the other party members took 100k each.

And there lies the problem. You haven’t even tried Layer 7 or 8, so you don’t really know the frustration of it. When the wings jumped to 4, 5, and even 6 Layer, the gap in power did not feel this crazy.

This should be a challenge, yes, but not to this level. I’m convinced there is definitely an error and/or extreme overtuning to blame. If a tank can’t survive the first floor boss, what chance does my warlock have?

I could’ve sworn this was supposed to be designed to allow people a choice to solo or go as a group. Hmm…


…ok I know some absolute chuckleheads are in here defending the Torghast difficulty increase.

Theres also a harder difficulty to Torgast beyond the 8 floors…that was to be the fun optional way to play, that has the challenge.

Not your weekly soul ash chore

lol shade stalker ripped me new one on layer 7 (I tried as dps). So I decided to cripple him and run for the hills in the hope he would de-spawn. Nope. lol.

So whats the take away here?

  • get better gear?
  • speed run the layer?
  • give up?

lol sad outcome but it was hilarious.

The fact that they specifically targeted solo players in their recent patch notes (check to see that the scaling is intentionally worse while not in a party), is the biggest issue I have with it. Sure, I can continue to get better gear in the coming days/weeks, but it might feel pointless if I’m still getting steamrolled at 10 or 15 ilvls higher.

It would be less suspect if that wording wasn’t added. I might have thought it was a gear check issue. But the patch notes themselves say something about “join a group to reduce the effects of the buff.”

I thought grouping up was supposed to be a choice. What gives?


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