Okay now its ridiculous

The first time I understood, hell even the second time I was like okay. But the third time is like okay get your crap together blizz or at least tell us straight up its gonna be a day. And now its 12am and still no update? I’m not mad or anything, I didnt take a day off of work, its more the unprofessionalism and lack of honesty that bothers me. Its like you guys dont give a crap


There was an update.

On twitter.

Extended another hour.


Uh …

First off, you’re posting on the wrong forums.

Latest WoW Classic/The Burning Crusade Classic Discussion topics - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

Second of all … they’ve addressed this on two different threads.

Maintenance Extended to 1:00 a.m. PDT in this Region - WoW Classic / The Burning Crusade Classic Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

Very Extended Maintenance - WoW Classic / The Burning Crusade Classic Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

I’ve been waiting since they said they would open it at 3pm pacific (6pm eastern on my time) and i’m still waiting… and i’m angry and frustrated but i saw a blue post about it and they have never done something like this before and i can understand that and i’m pretty sure the higher ups are using whips (metaphorically) on their workers to hurry up as they crunch late at night instead of going home to their families so we can get into the game as soon as possible.

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First time?

And may I add what I find is equally disturbing are the people defending blizzard for this horrendous handling of what should’ve been a pre tested maintenance update. Its like a few others have posted on here… Stockholm Syndrome


i’m pretty sure you having such rage issues is a bigger problem and there are multiple blue posts explaining the situation and apologizing for it. Plus the devs and the forum moderators don’t even pick the date its the higher ups who probably dont even play video games let alone know how to make one. I just feel like you’re going to gung ho at someone who’s probably working their butts off instead of being home with their families. But of course if you feel no guilt in that well… i have news for you.

nope this has done it for me unsubbed and uninstalled ur bs is getting beyond a joke i know ppl took the day off work for what to get a bunch of bs blue post this has got me so pissed i joined a forum for the first time just to cry about this

If only you could see how hard I’m laughing at you right now. What I find the most humorous is the fact you’re so blatantly entitled. They’ve taken full accountability for the fact it’s taking so long.

Stockholme Syndrome … haha.

More like entitlement at it’s finest from individuals upset about something out of Blizz’s control.

I’d be completely on board with your nonsense if they were just playing it off as though nothing had happened and left everyone in the dark; however, this is FAR from what has happened.

You can think what you will though … I’ll just sit back and wait for my eyes to stop rolling around.

My “rage” issues aside. I understand technical complications happen. The handling of these complications in this case has been, as I said, horrendous.

lol ok buddy

i agree this is a disaster on all levels and some foresight might of forsaw this coming and took some form of precaution, but here we are. I just feel bad for the people not going home and having people get mad at them.

maybe you should get some rest and sleep at this hour instead of staying up and laughing/taunting people on support forums.

People are tired on both sides of this. It’s not helpful or productive to leave comments like this on a thread that’s supposed to be focused around support or helpful discussion.

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Rolling so hard you’re carefully investigating the health of your brain? :rofl:

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I’m happy we could agree on something! I’m completely open for you to enlighten me on how I’m incorrect in my statement though? :slight_smile:

I just finished a 13 hour shift. I’ll be going to bed shortly, but I figured I’d do my nightly decompression of checking the forums. I wasn’t disappointed in the nonsense I figured I’d find when I found out there was an extended maintenance.

Please, enlighten me on where this is supposed to be a focused on “support” and/or “helpful discussion”? These are the general forums, not an echo chamber for what you want to hear.

He made the comment of “stockholme syndrome,” I followed up with my own comment in how they’re being ridiculous. Blizz identified the issue on not one but TWO different threads and took full accountability.

Oh, my brain is fine! Thank you for your concern. It’s much appreciated.

Don’t feel bad for them, they have a job, they’re getting paid, they signed up for this. And no one is blaming Seth the programmer or Eric the public relations poster, we are blaming Blizzard the company. So stop trying to make this into whatever weird defender of the common man BS you’re trying to. DOnt get me wrong, Im sure you have a heart of gold lol, but no one is attacking them.


i dont care about ur statement

now i’m more entertained then i have been all day waiting for his next reply

Wow, we’re batting two for one in agreement on something. Should we try for three?

I’m pretty sure they are not working in office.

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