Ok, this time, when Naxx releases can we *please* not

There is enough resist gear in the game already to clear saph

That’s gonna be one long fight duration.

Okay, Progress just killed Sapphiron.



And it’s cleared.


you also know sapp was bugged and did twice the dmg he was suposed to do.


Damn, full world buffs and 14 healers.

It shouldn’t be able to happen.


Funny how the guy who said see you here tomorrow hasn’t posted yet.

Some people have jobs, chill

Well, apparently 18 fury warriors can break the game.
It is also interesting that out of 5 top guild that cleared all up to Sapph only 3 killed him. Maybe they need more warriors, like any other guild.

Doesn’t make content any easier, although these guild determination is admirable.



Yep, was checking outdated blue post, apparently they not up to speed.
How many Nefarian kills we had by this point by the way? A thousand?

340 vs 20. Not bad, but still disappointing.
Let’s see how average guild will do.
It’s actually 413*

Well, 340 vs 24 and the game had twice as many players during BWL. BWL also released on a Wednesday, and I think most guilds raid Tuesday/Wednesday.

Like these guys would wait till the raid day…
Let’s see how it looks after a week.

I don’t think it had twice as many raiders.

Three months after BWL release, start of June, there were around 23,000 Nefarian kills. There’s around 22,000 C’thun kills right now.

the goalposts sure appear to be moving at quite the brisk pace in this thread, eh?