Ok, this time, when Naxx releases can we *please* not

…do the whole shtick where a ton of you act surprised or disappointed when some guilds clear it in the first couple hours?

It’s going to happen. The vast majority of the rest of us are going to be challenged going in. Can we just skip the whole whining phase of a tier release this time?


Doubtful. People keep forgetting that early 2000s internet, PC specs, and a lack of DBM + 10000000 websites spelling out your BiS spreadsheets are the reasons Naxx was “hard” back then.

The more casual guilds will definitely take a few extra weeks, but I’m not gonna be shocked when a lot of people get a wake up call about Naxx’s “difficulty” on their budget i3 PCs with 60+ FPS and Google Fiber.

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I’m more surprised people haven’t tried to glitch their way into Naxx right now and complete it before release. The community is better than this.

Let’s get this spinach :leaves:

Are you even playing Classic?

Can’t tell by your avatar.

If anything I’d be shocked and surprised if guilds that have been clearing Naxx over and over again for 10+ years aren’t able to clear it in the first few hours.


I’ve been actively playing since release, yeah. I just post on whatever character is signed in at the time.

Most likely won’t happened. Sapphiron required whole raid 200 FrR, and you can’t zerg him.
Also, We got BWL and AQ in a nerfed version. Naxx is supposedly balanced as per classic original state of the game (more or less), so casual guilds should have hard time progressing.
So I predict hardcore try-hards will get to Sapph on first or second week, for others it will take time, casual guilds won’t be able to proceed beyond Thaddius.
Taking bets here :slight_smile:

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What do you consider a “hardcore try-hard” guild?

Sapphiron will die tomorrow, guaranteed. But there will be far less guilds defeating him week one relative to AQ and BWL.


i just soloed it, the whole thing. easy peezy.

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All Classic GD has is Naxx up and coming and then most likely TBC.
Poor Classic GD.

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Who cares?

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You do know that they did try it on a test server with (presumably) best guild and they wiped 3 times. The whole raid had top gear with 200 FrR, all 40 people. How you envision to fully gear up 40 people in one raid?

Fully flasked/buffed 40 people with world buffs who did it before in Classic / did it on a private server.

Those people are clearing Naxx day 1.

Because they all have 200 FrR sets. Yeah.

im rollin into sapphiron with more greater frost resistance potions than my frost resistance score

I have no idea why you think 200 FR is required to kill Sapphiron.

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Maybe because they tested in on test server.
Do you have examples of Sapphiron kills without raid geared with FrR ? Not talking about 25/10/TBC raids, classic Sapph. Please share.

I was watching a Salad Bakers video and their dbm showed they’ve killed Kel’Thuzad 68 times on private servers.

This is just farm for them.