Ok, this time, when Naxx releases can we *please* not

Because they all have 200 FrR sets. Yeah.

im rollin into sapphiron with more greater frost resistance potions than my frost resistance score

I have no idea why you think 200 FR is required to kill Sapphiron.

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Maybe because they tested in on test server.
Do you have examples of Sapphiron kills without raid geared with FrR ? Not talking about 25/10/TBC raids, classic Sapph. Please share.

I was watching a Salad Bakers video and their dbm showed they’ve killed Kel’Thuzad 68 times on private servers.

This is just farm for them.


Yeah? And?

Lots of guilds are going to clear Naxx on day 1. You’ll see in a little over 24 hours from now, just like all those people that thought Ragnaros, AQ40 or whatever else would take time to kill.


“TLDR for anyone who only wants to know the conclusion: We’re changing the spell to tick every 2 seconds consistently”

Read the full article- that’s not a nerf.
You did not provide an example of Sapph being killed without FrR gear.
But you right, we will see in 24 hours.

"“Yeah? And?”
They needed 40 people geared with 200FrR… I said it before

Sapphiron dies tomorrow night.

I’m going to come back to this thread tomorrow night and find a really nice “I told you so” gif to respond to you with.


See you here tomorrow.

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Once again, the truly shocking thing would be if those private server guilds like Onslaught and Salad Bakers aren’t able to clear it within a few hours after release after clearing it over and over again for years.

That’s like writing the same test over and over again over a period of years and then failing the exact same test just because it’s not the mock-up take home copy but the “official” one the teacher puts on your desk. No one should be surprised if such a person passes that test with flying colors.


The sweaties that full clear the raid in 3 hours after release are <1% of the playerbase.

Just because 1% of the playerbase can clear it easily, does not mean the content is easy. I mean, speedrunners can clear Dark Souls in half an hour, that doesn’t mean it’s a pathetically easy game…it means those people are extremely skilled at the game.


It is a nerf from the version that was on PTR.


You did not read the full article, did you

Purely based on an assumption that they do not have an access to required gear, which is either dropped from bosses or crafted from Frozen Runes, nothing else.
There is no doubt they skilled enough, there is doubt this skill can compensate for the brutal unmitigated frost aura DoT.

Did you? You’re using PTR as an example of guilds requiring 200 FR to kill Sapphiron. The aura on PTR was ticking every single second, they’re making it tick every 2 seconds on live.

Many guilds will clear Naxxramas tomorrow.


To be honest, I am not 100% sure which version of Sapph they killed, 1 or 2 seconds, but I think that was the “fixed” 2 second version.
I will see you here tomorrow, I guess.

My guild leader was in a PUG that killed it while it was ticking every second. I don’t understand why there’s still people clinging to this desperate belief that some bosses in Classic will take days or even weeks to kill.

Nothing has, nothing will.

“My guild leader was in a PUG that killed it while it was ticking every second”

On PTR with +50% healing buff, +50% damage buff, +3000HP buff, 200FrR, flasked/potted and fully buffed? I mean, that’s exactly as it will be on a live server.

About nothing has- did you kill him in Classic? Most people never even got to him.

lol, no.

most realms will will have 30-50 guilds clearing it week one.