Ok so you always see things in RBGs you never see before so

How was a Rogue able to vanish 4 times back to back defending a flag? And how did a DH start capping a flag and then stealth while the cap completed?

He prob drunk an invisibility potion who rends u invisible when standing still during 3s.

The other day a druid teleported back to were he was twice in a 30s period just like that mage’s skill, i posted it here and nobody never answeared what could it be…

I don’t believe any potions are allowed in RBGs but I could be wrong


wait, it was an RBG? well in that case i have no idea…

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Lotsa new hacks for sure. Blizz doesnt seem to care about it though.
Despite PVP being 2nd in that poll, they dont show much desire to fix PVP issues

Did he have an arcane mage on his team? Could have been mass invisibility, not sure if that works on someone capping but could be it.

Have no clue on the rogue thing.

Subtlety can talent into 2 charges of Vanish. If the rogue is Night Elf, you could have:
Vanish x 2 + Shadow Meld + restealth if not in combat.

It’s also possible Shadowy Duel or Mirror Image were involved.


I’m going with lag.

Crazy lag.

Are we sure it wasn’t a mage who borrowed the appearance of a druid?

Some forum posters abbreviate random bgs as RBGs.

And maybe an invis potion too. And maybe a mass invisibility.

^^^ This exactly. FWIW I miss Shadow Meld. Pretty amazing ability in PVP but Undead /dance…nuff said!

I forgot about duel that must have been it

A sub rogue who uses 2 charges of vanish and then picks up the cooldown reset power-up can vanish 4 times. This would need to be on deepwind gorge at shrine or market though.

Potion of concealment from BFA alchemy has this effect, but it’s only useable in unrated bgs. In rated I dunno what would do this. Maybe mass invis?

What poll? Can you link please?

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It happened weeks ago so im not sure anymore…
But it was not lag, he was doing that on purpose.

Yeah, like a lone dps standing upto 14-18 players and not loosing any health for nearly 2 minutes.

Always seeing new stuff

I saw a blood DK have perma grip and pulled someone out the flag room and to the GY area.
I didnt know bloods had that ability