OK I am gonna be that forum guy I hate but

It’s not. The arena / pvp forums have been littered and flooded with feedback and we go forever without a blue post. The PvP forums is essentially the boonies. If you go to the pvp forums and hit “Blizz tracker” there isn’t a single blue post.

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Lack of a blue post does not mean they havent checked it.


Doesn’t matter. OP tried to police people and say they can or cannot post somewhere, and admits to it. Ain’t right. Feedback can be posted anywhere. If someone can get feedback to Blizz, all avenues should be taken. General Discussion included.

Edit: I’ll clarify just in case. By “all avenues” I mean the proper ones. General Discussion encompasses all discussions involving WoW. So posting something pvp related here to get other peoples’ viewpoints is fine. Same deal with sending Blizz a tweet and putting a thread over in the pvp forums as well.

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Some people just cant accept WoW isnt a PvP game.

It will never be supported like it would in a PvP game.

Feedback, in fact, cannot be posted anywhere. Blizzard moves posts out of GD regularly.

And I have no idea why all of a sudden you are so mad at me today. There are many posts everyday with the exact same discussion about making others post in the correct forums. I usually argue against them…

Is this personal? If I have done something to offend, I am truly sorry

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raises hand, dons “forum police” t-shirt

Sure it is. That’s why we have different forums for things. When some topics get way out of hand and bury the general WoW topics, that’s when people get grumpy.

It’s not personal. Some people just get their panties in a bunch when logic is pointed out, because you can’t tell them what to do.

Nothing’s personal. Something being personal would require me to somehow be invested. I’m pointing out that general discussion can include pvp discussions, racial discussions, story discussions, it don’t matter. The only time I’ve seen Blizz really move threads out of GD is when it’s something classic related.

Nobody has any right to tell someone they can or cannot post somewhere. Blizzard is the authority there. It’s not up to you. Me telling you that in a blunt manner isn’t me being angry / mad at you. It’s me being honest with you.

And that’s unnecessarily rude. What’s the point to having “General Discussion: a place to discuss all things WoW” if you can’t discuss pvp?

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Actually, it sounded like he requested that Blizz move the topics like they do other topics. Since it makes sense based on what I established earlier, I can see why.

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It wasn’t meant to be rude. It’s just that people get bent out of shape when you tell them they shouldn’t do something that’s obvious. :woman_shrugging:t2:

And if you look back through your posts, you haven’t exactly been acting like a peach to the OP…

This. ^

And that’s why I say people get defensive and angry when these things are pointed out. Because there really is no good defense.

Dude, my history of PVP in this game is very similar to yours. That doesn’t change the fact that a ton of players feel very differently than we do, and love WoW PVP. Many of them maintain a sub just to play it. It’s why Blizzard continues to put PVP content in.

These players do have the right to discuss this aspect of the game. It’s been in since launch and Blizzard has never hinted that it’ll be taken out.

You quoted me before I could fix it lol. I got repetitive with that last sentence. Whups.

I thought it was good repetition, though! Gets the point across. :wink:

I agree they have a right to discuss it. In the correct forum. GD is overtaken with WM and PVP threads right now so bad actual things that belong in GD are being deleted. Like the high elf thread I mentioned in jest.

PvPers are just mad Blizzard is not giving them enough of what they want. I can understand that. Its just the players dont understand they are not gonna get what they want because its not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things for Blizzard. I am not arguing against PvP, but discuss it where it belongs

And people can discuss it in general because general discussion means any discussion pertaining to WoW. Thus it belongs here. It can belong in more places than just one.

Edit: Also, I meant for that to reply to OP, not Rhielle.

What belongs in GD is ultimately up to the moderation team to decide, though, and that’s just it. Some mod might come on tomorrow and move all the PVP threads to the PVP section. Or not. Until then, they’re here and open for discussion.

Not according to Blizzard. By word and deed.

Also, why limit it to WoW? I like the who has the best hamburger threads.

True. You just listed the reason for my post. Someone gets it!


I think you didn’t get it, actually.

Then let Blizzard handle it proper.

Kill the Helf threads already. There isnt even a greasy spot left from beating that poor deceased horse anymore.


With their reduced headcount, they need help from concerned citizens like me. Or the green text folks.

Maybe next week I will join you in complaining about the non-WoW posts.

People who say “don’t post pvp threads in GD because it doesn’t pertain toGD” when there’s stupid s*&% like this: GD Lounge # Reforged