Returning vet.

Did… Something happen to OCE servers, or is this just wow now?

Played TBC classic until wotlk then had to leave due to irl circumstances. Can’t commit to a classic raid roster and decided to return to retail just to kind of F around so to speak.

And um. I log it to find that my guild of 16+ years is basically dead with a message saying GM and all officers have unsubbed until further notice. Probs should find another guild, HF.

That and I just spent 2 hours levelling to 61 and wrapping my head around the monstrosity that is retail again. Meanwhile, my realm for the first time literally looks like a ghost town.

Did I miss some kind of mass exodus or something?

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All the oce folks moved to US West cluster.

I have noticed a mark decline since Diablo hit and with new patch/content, still not returning to before. I believe it is time to move on.

It’s not even just the raid scene, M+ takes 30 mins+ to find 4 other suitable players…

A lot of folks ive noticed have gone to the mega realm of OCE that is the Frostmourne cluster.

Alrighty, thanks guys

Basically this. Chances are if you’re not already in a tight-nit guild on one of the other realms (or one of the mythic Horde guilds on Barth still recruiting), your best bet for population is Frostmourne

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