Oh they nerfed Starsurge by an additional 5% or Aggrend can't count?

Unlike his post where Starsurge was supposedly be nerfed by 30%, the hotfix note from today mentions that it is nerfed by 35%.


No, Aggrend cannot count. Aggrend does not have a clue what he’s doing. You should know this by now.


Sorry, sorry. Thought I’ve seen it all.

Yikes Aggrend.


I mean they are running a private server here. You cant expect them to track everything in the game when its just a side hustle.

Edit: Im making these private server jokes in a few threads and it dawned on me - Im paying 15 dollars a month for this. Really puts things into perspective. This is what 15 a month gets you. Stupid inflation.

The salt is flowing today lol.

Will get worse before it gets better. Just wait till SW:D and muts time comes.

Yeah, wild that high school kids can do a better job than paid developers.


I dont think they’ll hit either of them too hard. I think they play those classes regularly so I wouldnt expect too much there.

As far as tears, I play feral. My tears have been flowing since the P2 runes were released and I realized the only finisher I will be using going forward is savage roar. I dont care about the balance changes outside what it tells me about how this team operates.

The classic team needs to hire class designers. SoD devs are great at making everything except balance changes and pvp changes. They need to get new people in to do those two things.

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Mutilate is going back to 60 energy. Its inevitable. Its the most reasonable change ever but Rogues are used to being nerf immune so the amount of crying its going to generate may actually be enough to tear a hole in the fabric of reality. Its gonna be GREAT to watch :dracthyr_hehe_animated:

SWD, Twisted Faith and potentially Void Plague are all gonna eat nerfs. SPriest already power spikes harder than nearly any other spec right at 40. SWD, TF and VP increase that power spike exponentially. VP will probably eat a damage nerf, TF will likely drop to 25% and SWD is likely going to eat a -30% or greater nerf. Funny part is, Shadow is so powerful at 40 that SPriests will likely just not care :dracthyr_shrug: