Oh my gosh 5000 pet charms

How do I even do this.
I must have Scout… he’s so adorable.
I have like 200, how do I even get 5000?!?

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Check daily for the pet coin WQ’s in BfA zones, SL zones, and the one we get daily in DF. Do all the ones that have coins as a reward. If you feel like it, you can do them on more than one toon per day.

During Winter Veil, I was logging on to do the “you’re a mean one” daily on multiple alts, so I also did the pet wq’s while I was on them, and I got roughly 150-200 coins per day that way without much effort. Don’t forget the Boralus mission table and the Shadowlands mission table for coin missions, as well.

It’s just a slow grind. Just do your dailies when you feel like it and let it happen over time. They build up faster than you think.


Like Meriweather said, you can check all the zones for it. I also put out a daily pet battle report for NA in the Warcraft Pets, Secret Finder’s, & Xu-Fu’s Discords, as well as on my Twitter. It’s just an infographic that shows you all the pet rewards & opportunities up for the day ^^

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I paid 450,000 gold for him at the beginning of the expansion to me he is worth it :slight_smile:

Checking several realms, seems to be down to 150 to 200K by now. Might be able to earn that a lot more quickly than farming 5,000 pet charms.


I did 10,000 for the Amethyst Baubleworm.


All it took was patience to slowly accumulate tokens from low-effort activities like WQs and mission tables, and the discipline to not waste them on anything besides my goal.