Ogrila + Skettis bombing quests undoable in druid flight form. Do we have time table for fix?

As of 2021-09-21 weekly reset, even the Ogrila bombing run daily isn’t doable anymore (relogging no longer works) for druids in flight form / swift flight form.

Skettis bombing daily has been bugged from the get-go of P2 release (a GM confirmed so in my support ticket). I was at least able to do the Ogrila one after relogging like everyone else on regular mounts, but now it’s also bugged.

Can we please get a timetable of when both of these issues will be fixed? We druids are losing a lot of gold/rep from not being able to do both of these like everyone else.

If I get a normal mount just to do these, can I get a refund on the mount after you guys fix both of them?


A whole week of leeching completion in group with other players and what’s the response? They break ANOTHER quest worse instead of fixing the first one. Great work guys.

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If you want one of the Nether Ray mount then I guess you’d need to learn flying training anyway. But if you don’t then just hang onto your gold for now and hopefully they fix it soon.

We already have to pay 5k gold to learn the swift flying form. Not sure what you’re getting at here.

Read the 2nd sentence again then.


I’ve read both, and your response is still irrelevant. Just don’t respond to a post you’re doing 0 contribution to, thanks.


I haven’t had much trouble the past 2 days doing them. When you enter the forge quest area, make sure ur on flying mount but enter on the ground instead of air. Still bugged as the cannons won’t fire at you, but you can complete the quest.

I’m sorry you have trouble with basic comprehension.

The original inquiry is about druids in flight form / swift flight form, not on mounts. Druids can do them on regular mounts (as in human form but on mounts) like other characters regardless of ground-level. My lock’s been doing both quests regularly just fine since release (other than the relogging bug for Ogrila bombing, but that’s minor).

Saw the hotfix blue post from 21st, they said they addressed some character not being able to use Ogrila bombs for daily, still can’t do it on druid in flight form.

Waiting on some clarity of timeline of when these quests will actually be addressed for druids if anyone has any info, or rather if they will be addressed even. Is Blizzard even aware?

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I don’t have swift flight form yet, and was unable to do it on my epic flyer yesterday (so, druid on a flying mount). Maybe it’s tied to the class for some reason???

That is odd, I’ve had druids tell me they “just did it” on their regular mounts yesterday (those that bought during Phase 1).

Which one could you not do? Did you relog after picking up the Ogrila quest? If you relogged after picking up the Ogrila quest and still couldn’t do it, then Blizzard has even more coding issues to deal with. Skettis you don’t even have to relog, just the Ogrila one; I do both on my lock daily.

iirc the tooltip of the bomb for the skettis daily requires you to be mounted on a flying mount. Flight Form does not meet this requirement.

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Regardless of tooltip, I used to be able to do these as a druid in form back in original TBC.

And Ogrila bomb’s tooltip does include flight form yet it’s not doable anymore (after initially being doable until yesterday’s patch).

I need more info on if Blizzard is aware / timetable / if these are actually being addressed. Anyone have more info on this?

It was the Ogri’la one. It let me drop the bomb, it destroyed the station on the ground, but didn’t register it in the quest log. I THINK it may have been up to 5 or 6, then something happened and it reset to 0 and wouldn’t move after that. I was trying ot get them knocked out before a raid though so didn’t troubleshoot at all.

Also couldn’t net rays. Seems something may have gone goofy with my client. THat or being in a raid maybe???

Yesterday it was working for me in flight form. Blizzard for sure broke something

Being in a raid doesn’t allow you to complete quests, so yea that completion part seems working as intended. Progress resetting to 0 on the other hand shouldn’t be happening whether you get into a raid mid-quest, progress should only be halted.

Tested today after maintenance reset 2021-09-22, still can’t drop bombs in Ogrila or Skettis in bird form.

No idea on nether rays netting quest, I just did it on druid just fine right now.

I was able to do the bombing, in flight form on my druid, before yesterdays maintenance. Ever since maintenance I am not able to do them in flight form anymore. I can still do them on my mage tho, just not on my druid.

Yup sounds like you went through same thing as original post. I presume you couldn’t do Skettis in flight form ever since release just like me, only the Ogrila (until the last weekly maintenance).

Imagine not knowing the difference between flying training and a flying mount.

Same thing happened to me, and I’m assuming every other druid.

Please fix this blizzard.