Official Oceanic Fresh Request

They know exactly what they are doing, they did it for many years before we finally got our own servers. The excuse back then was to blame Telstra lmao

They hate you, they hate your family, they hate your friends & thats why they don’t care to give us a server

My hope is that there is an issue with the data center in Sydney, that is delaying the implementation of the server. If thats the case we may still get one, albeit a bit later than everyone else.

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My man thinks a company cares more about screwing over a region than their profits. Wild.

Nah, they aren’t competent enough to consider the profits in this scenario. Have you not seen all their changes in recent times? Gender changes, removal of emotes etc.

They have no idea what they’re doing
There are two threads with well over 1000k posts, many consisting of people advising they had many friends that planned to roll fresh.

Where is the response from blizzard to these threads & queries?
Do you think a company that cares about its profits would just stay silent & give no communications regarding something impacting a whole region?

Do you think that’s how a competent company operates?


Even if that were the case they have given ZERO indication as to what is going on. It’s an absolute sh1t show no matter which way you look at it.

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This post literally says “Finally, it was said that the goal would be “as few servers as possible” with at least one per region in order to limit the chances that fresh servers turns into single faction servers.”

We didn’t assume anything they said we would get a server.


My pronoun is “OCE”… I feel discriminated against. Please help me ‘Blues’

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I work in marketing IRL and incompetent poo show doesn’t begin to cover this.

This multi-billion dollar company couldn’t even get an email together to blast out that pre-patch is launching, fresh servers are a thing and WotLK releases in a month.

They would have an emailing list of 30+ million active emails.

As a marketing professional making a living selling digital products - they are quite literally not even trying and are leaving literally millions of $ on the table.

If they can’t even manage an email notification for their largest release in YEARS, I’m not as sure they are capable of literally anything, ever.


nah they got rid of genders though bro, they’re so innovative

Unfortunately Blizzard doesn’t consider OCE it’s own Region, we’re lumped in with US because our servers existed before they were physically in Australia and they either couldn’t or didn’t want to separate us into our own region.

“Regions” in WoW pretty much means US and EU.

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Maybe WoW just doesnt rake in the big bucks anymore, if you walk anywhere in Sydney you’ll see every single bus plastered with a Diablo Immortal advertisement

The lack of communication was a senseless way to drive off paying customers.

If players knew they weren’t getting Fresh OCE long before a few days from pre-patch, at least some of them might have bitten the bullet and started preparing on existing realms. Now they’re even further behind the 8-ball and probably resigned not to play at all.

On the other hand, if they spin up a sever at the last second before pre-patch, there’ll be no time to spread the message and many of those who have given up will undoubtedly miss the launch and be soured.

Honestly feels like this thread is running Blizzard’s OCE marketing on its own given how many posts mention their entire friend groups were keen for Fresh. Now here we are paying them $19.95 a month to advise them how to extract the most subscriptions out of our region.

Ay Caramba. Can we get some stock options or something?


Well thats super misleading :frowning:

You’re right, it wouldn’t rake in as much money - it also doesn’t require any development… haha.

I can’t even imagine how much money you’d need to be making to not give a single damn about like 5-10 THOUSAND people that want to pay you $20 / month to play something you built-and-paid-for like 15 years ago.

These classic servers are the easiest money any game company has ever made and they still manage to stuff it up…

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What is Diablo Immortal? Isn’t that the stupid phone game they had to keep deleting the youtube video for due to the overwhelming negative response.


Australian Internet is far from appalling. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t perfect either. But I hear a lot of people blaming Australias bad internet for having 200ish ping to America. The internet travels (at best) at the speed of light. Sydney to California is 12,000 kms away. That gives us a ping of at least 40ms to travel 12,000kms at the speed of light. Add on to that firewalls and routers and switches that it has to go through at both ends, and the fact that a lot of people playing the game also aren’t in Sydney, so there is more time to get to Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane etc and 150-200ms is not surprising, and doesn’t mean we have terrible internet, we are just a LONG way from anywhere.

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Not an issue when connecting to Sydney from anywhere in Aus…

You say it’s a stupid phone game, but for Blizzard it’s literally the gooses’ golden egg - if Oceania was raking in that much money for them, we wouldn’t just be getting fresh servers, they’d be sending us all a complimentary carton of VB and winfield blues along with it. Hell you could probably make them swim through a pool of blue bottles while singing our national anthem if we made them that much $$$.

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Not sure if playing on a crap ping server or being sent VB would be worse.


My sub runs out in a week. After realising the lack of fresh OCE I started leveling a character or two on existing servers but have lost all motivation, so I don’t think I’ll be getting my dollars worth and won’t renew.