Official launch time

They dont want us all choosing the same server.

It’ll happen anyway.


Less chance if everyone is trying to log in and has to pick one on the fly.

Discords have already agreed simply to choose the first alphabetical name. Doesn’t even really matter what it’s called.

But for ‘regular folk’ it’s just a hindrance trying to coordinate with friends and guildies.

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if anyone here is new to blizz patch or release days, dont take off the day of, thank me later


Every American Time Zone except Alaska. Screw the people that play there right?

bro just do the math lol wtf

Look up dateful dot com and put in your timezone

With all the DDOS’ing and server queues, you can expect to not be able to play until Friday. And expect maintenance on Friday, as well.


Subtraction is hard.

31st? well I guess we’re waiting forever then :frowning:


Yes Nov 31st is not a great omen…

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thanks for update blue

30 days has september, april, june and November… all the rest has 31 except Feburary… childhood poem…

Bliz math strikes again!

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All 12 of you?

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That’s just life though, that’s not something to really be wildly upset about. It’s nice to have an estimated time rather than a “will it be noon or midnight? no one knows!!”, I’d rather blizz admit “we messed up, it’d gonna be a few more hours” than just leave us sitting at our desks twiddling our thumbs going “any second now…could be literally any second…” FOR HOURS!

At least a time announcement gives us a ballpark idea. If you take the day off and it takes the entire day to launch, at least you didn’t have to work that day? Don’t take days off you can’t afford to take.

I’m going to need to leave the office an hour early Thursday to…do some stuff. Don’t worry, it’s work related.

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Right. If someone takes the day off and then does get wildly upset if there is a delay, that’s on them. And that’s the point.

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That’s a good thing though. The first few hours are probably going to be unplayable anyways.