Official Kryptonese Language

Has DC Comics ever released a Kryptonese Dictionary? Such a Dictionary would be needed if one wanted to know the Kryptonian words for the Dragon Gods Nightwing and Flamebird!

All we have is headcanon and my headcanon is that Nightwing in Kryptonese is Barbatos(the evil Dragon-Bat God that induced Bruce Wayne into creating Batman) and his wife Flamebird’s name in Kryptonese is Malchior(yes my headcanon has the Dragon that seduced Raven from Teen Titans into releasing it from one of her books be female)…

crazy old post but this got me interested in looking it up, and the answer is they haven’t. DC has never really made an effort to make a real conlang out of it the way james cameron did for na’vi, they’ve mostly depicted it using squiggles and gibberish for the vast majority of superman’s existence.
the absolute closest they’ve come is creating an alphabet, but not like, an actual speakable language with grammar rules and words.

So someone can ask them at Comic Con if the Dragon God Nightwing is Barbatos in Kryptonian Language and if Flamebird is Malchior in Kryptonian Language?

If they go: “Sure! Let’s go with that!” then we could get more interesting storylines for the two Dragons!

I’ve seen a legend/key in Batman/Superman Vol 2: Supergirl 2005