[Official] Dark Iron Cuties List - Archive

Dark Iron's Investigation Sector of the General Affairs Department <The Turks> have reported their recent findings in the Dalaran Crater, along with bringing me remnants of an Ancient Genetic Material to further my research, they have supplied me with Intel retrieved from electronics abandoned years ago in the broken recesses of a Long Forgotten Titan Reseach Facility built deep within the Moutains of Alterac.

Ranked from Cuties to Cuties

1. Iamgrubby
2. Infari
3. Msbehave
4. Qj
5. Gym
6. Elzar
7. Kooky
8. Azaile
9. Deek
10. Bananahamock
11. Tracknoobs
12. Weenshine
13. Chimmy
14. Quevypoo
15. Wheelz
16. Van
17. Venith
18. Tyrnyx
19. !@#$%gar
20. Findal
21. Adelle
22. Unbuffed
23. Gash
24. Tinq
25. Ellanna
26. Hardcraw
27. Arythor
28. ugh Crapple
29. Celinedijon (so hawt rite nao)
30. Stacy
31. Nucleobabes
32. Fluffems
33. Kapu
34. Spartacat
35. Cheddaricious
36. Saph
37. Chuck
38. Auz
39. Jvoostivicticustovonakah
40. Zealot
41. Logos
42. Kron
43. Amarexqt
44. Morpheo
45. Chellum
46. Tynne
47. Jele
48. Shadows
49. Khaiman
50. Cherished
51. Djc
52. Jane
53. Shinerr
54. Picara
55. Wibber
56. Lod
57. Seychelle
58. Iol
59. Bopcommander
60. Mepeteatu
874. Chicotank

If you would like to be submitted to the OFFICIAL DARK IRON CUTIES LIST, then please follow these instructions.

1. Tell us why you deserve to be on the list and an explanation of how cutie you are
2. No horse like features are allowed to be cuties
3. 2900 rating or higher (exceptions can be made (Woozums))
4. Must have an active MLP account to show us how cute you are
5. Using strange words like "Doe" will automatically demote you to last place

Sorry to all who don't make it, cuties is something you are born with.

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Now, back to the lab, to usher in a new age, and use this planet to soar the Infinite Darkness of the Cosmos.

- Spartacat
Dark Iron's "International Traveling Businessman" and Resident Hobo
... after years of searching, it has come to an end. I have found the words of Our Savior, Grubby, so that they may endure for future generations to behold the name of Cuties of Time's Past.

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday.

Surprised I made #4, but I’ll take it

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Cuties is as Cuties does.