Official Classic Hardcore is Coming

If you don’t like the rules, then don’t play on that server. You can go to any other server and do whatever you want.


even better, halt and catch fire, PC bricks.

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Because some people are unclear on the concept: There are hundreds of servers that you can choose. Pick the one that works for you.

I absolutely 100% cannot understand what is so hard about that.

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Seems like we are are talking about different things? It is like playing official wotlk classic server vs playing wotlk on retail server by putting on greens and trying to run Ulduar at a low level.

I’m not saying you can make your own rules on a HC server. I am saying if you don’t like the rules on the HC server, then GO SOMEWHERE ELSE and make up your own rules for yourself.

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Well, that was not what I was expecting…

Isn’t Hardcore already here?


This thread is about HC server specifically.

Dumb lol…
The hype will be gone by the time HC servers release and will die faster than Skyfury fresh.


I make fun of hc but every now and then its fun to go back in classic and level a fresh character but with friends and dungeons etc …

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I’m gonna run Deadmines on the HC server until I get all the gear I want, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.


The addon community will still play by their addon rules, do not impose the Solo Self Found on the server <3

I am a dungeon grinder, it’s what I prefer over questing. I am not a solo player enjoyer. If dungeon XP is nerfed that’s okay. But I like running dungeons for content and gear.


Why are you so confusing?

The original post you replied to was asking for bubble-hearthing to be allowed on the official HC server. They have not yet released their rules for their official HC server, so OP was just asking for it to be part of the game once they do. Then you down this tangent of “you don’t like it, leave” nonsense.


Please allow us to do bgs without deaths counting.


See ya. Wouldnt want ta be ya.

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Thanks for nothing. What about the players that DON’T want HC (the majority).
I guess we’re not important because we aren’t streamers.


This is the only ruleset I would get behind, with the possible exception of adding a title or something for people that make it to 60.

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Cool to see Blizz recognize how many people love classic but sometimes with a twist. Just hope they also realize how many people are sitting around waiting for a fresh classic server but with Classic release times on the raids as was done in 2019. Currently all of the viable servers to play on are on the naxx patch.

A fresh server would be a lot of fun again, rotational every 3-4 years with a new server or two would be enjoyable.

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I think it’s going to be one dedicated server for HC

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make dungeons DAILY. not something you can spam!


Hardcore isn’t " a specific ruleset people made up for themselves". Hardcore is a decades old gamemode type whose only long-term recurring rule is “characters die permanently”.