Official AI Voiceover add on?

Decided to download and give it see what it’s about on HC classic.

Honestly, it’s great! Few bugs here and there, but would be fantastic to have this idea ported to official retail for non voice acted quest lines.

It’s definitely increased my immersion in the game, and sometimes it’s just easier to sit and listen to what the quest giver says instead of skim reading the text.

I still think that main quest lines should retain real voice actors though. There’s a bit more authenticity to them.


I’m surprised it’s lasted this long. They shut down the other two that used real voices from the creators of the addon. Maybe they don’t care about AI generated voices.

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Why would they shut it down?

It actually gives it the RPG element… it should be baseline


Wasn’t that over pay and something with a union? If it was that might be why the classic one survived (for now).

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Nope. Intellectual copyrights:

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Blizzard has yet to comment on the AI voice over addon, though it seems likely to fall under similar objections as its predecessors, so players interested in the idea should check it out and enjoy it while it lasts.

sounds like the AI voiceover isn’t considered a violation.

But for real they need an official port of this AI voice mod into the retail version of the game for generic quests.

I’m guilty of just clicking and accepting quests as I go and follow the map. Voiceover at least gives some immersion on the way to the next location.


I mean… I did say…


Also, there are questing addons that scroll the text for you to read and have characters on them:

Where’s that video of AI voiced Thrall?

Or maybe AI is just stupid. That is my take on AI anyways. As well as the modernized internet.

Handed in a quest to a British Thrall earlier. Was funny. This is why for main quests or core characters would need voice actors.

AI will definitely be one of those things that increase in fidelity over time. Its been incorporated to some single player RPGs already. Im surprised how much the tone and pacing actually does fluctuate with the mod to replicate real conversation, but still needs more time and development to be 100%.

Because ChatGPT and other such things are taking away the jobs of voice actors. Actors voices are literally being stolen to say whatever the person needs it to say without permission.


I mean if they arnt voice acted already then they’re not really losing any work

And core characters should always be done by professional voice actors.

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If you were a VA, you would feel different. Once they have a taste of your voice from any source, your no longer needed. Thats why ChatGPT is a concern. Putting VAs out of work.

“Greetings dear champion of the Horde! As war chief of this most gentlemanly grouping of fellows it is good to see a fine and capable chap such as yourself not afraid to give the hooligans that would threat our most prestige union a good ol’ one two. Lok’tar Ogar my jolly fellow and glory to the Horde!”

Obvious it’d be nothing like that, but it’s funny to imagine.

In my completely uneducated guess…It wouldn’t surprise me if they treat an AI voiceiver addon as an text-to-speech assessibility tool since there really isnt much difference…just more than one voice

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The same thing can be said for the AI voice-overs on YouTube.

Even with all of the improvements that have been made, there is still a bit of the uncanny valley present. It’s getting darn close to being seamless, and I can see a point in the not too distant future when it will be almost imperceptible.

That being said, I don’t see why Blizzard would have a strong objection with someone else doing the job for them that they should have done in the first place. Add-on creators only get paid in donations which doesn’t pose any real monetary threat to ABK.

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Voice actors losing jobs to AI? Oh no!


Many jobs are lost as the human race advances. I for one thing blizzard should ditch all VA going forward and just use AI. If it allows them to add this to the game in future expansions.

A lot of you need to learn to just accept the fact that AI is the future. Sitting in the classroom folding your arms and yelling “No.” like a child in kindergarten will not change that. Yes, it will take jobs. it will probably take my job in the future. I still stand by it will help humanity going forward.

Also, as a side. VA were already crying that on-screen actors were taking VA jobs in animated movies. It was a dying job. Ai will just be the killing blow.

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