<Offensive> 7/9 Mythic LF Raiders for Rank Push


  • 10.1 T/W/T 6:45-10:00 PM PST

Previous Progression

  • 12/12 Mythic Ny’alotha CE
  • 10/10 Mythic Castle Nathria CE
  • 9/10 Mythic Sanctum (Guild took a break)
  • 11/11 Sepulcher CE
  • 8/8 Vault CE

Guild Goals

  • Push for Hall of Fame/Rankings

What we offer

  • Stable leadership that has worked together the past 2 tiers
  • Exceptional raid preparation from the Officer-core
  • Guild repairs, Feasts and Flasks
  • Alt runs
  • Off-night activities such as Mythic+/Sales

Raider Expectations

  • 98% Attendance
  • Willingness to take criticism as well as improve personal gameplay
  • Willingness to speak up during raid to improve the teams success
  • Selfless during progression
  • Ability to Multiclass
  • 1 Alt For Splits
  • Keystone degeneracy first 3-4 weeks for Vault/Trinkets/Weapons

Recruitment Needs

  • 21st Man (Big Need)
  • Competitive Players
  • Unholy DK, Warrior DPS, Mage, Ranged Hunter, Warlock, Boomkie, DPS Evoker, Shadow Priest
    Contact info
    Application: https://forms.gle/h1t7u3GNRL1o2F1z9
    Jakesane#1779 (Battlenet)
    Jakesane (Discord)
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LF Holy paladin now

LF Holy paladin still

Hi. I have lit the beacons and have called for aid.

Beacons have been lit once again

Hello we need gamers

always looking

Bump….: come game

Hello gamers

Always looking mates

need healers and dps

looking for homies

Looking for a tank!

looking for 2 dps :slight_smile:

Could you guys use a DK tank?

If so please add Spanks#1861 on BNet and we can chat :slight_smile:

Hey there guys. LF Gamers who wanna game

Howdy folks looking for gamers

Howdy. LF 21st man and exceptional players

Healers. Evoker. Resto Druid

Looking for dudes