Odd shadow glitch

So occasionally when i boot up the game there seems to be a weird bug that happens where different parts IE: Hair/Horns/weapons will start having weird shadowy effects on the characters. Only does it stop once i start playing with the shadows option. I’ve only recently been able to come back to play due to a power supply needing changed out and made sure all connects were tight and correct accordingly, however it’s a fairly new graphics card only bought it in February and never had any issues with it prior to 8.3.7. Nvidia Geforce 1660 Super is my current card. I was wondering if anyone else was having these issues or if it’s just me.

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I’m seeing the same kinds of things since I came back a bit more than a month ago after taking a year off. Hair turning black, usually on the character select screen or in-game character portrait, sometimes on an NPC’s portrait.

Single objects, or entire connected elements on the loading screen flickering between solid black and their normal colors. Sometimes random ground clutter flickering between blank black and normal.

General lighting flickering. For some reason this happens especially often when playing my Lightforged Draenei priest. She arrived in Stormwind Trade District, and while simply standing in one place the paving stones alternated back and forth between their normal appearance and looking like they were bathed in purple light. There was nothing going on (fireworks, weather, other effects) that would account for it.

I have screenshots of all these things.

This is happening on a newish Windows 10 PC that I bought in advance of BfA’s release (I had previously been playing on the same old iMac I’d been using since Wrath, which wasn’t going to be able to launch BfA). None of this was happening prior to my break from the game.

Running latest version of Windows 10 (2004)
NVidia GTX1050 with current driver (451.67)

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Okay, since when can’t I post links to screenshots? I just spent time adding screenshots I’ve uploaded to Imgur, and then it tells me I can’t include images in my post. Fair enough. I removed all of the [ img ] tags
to provide plain links rather than embedded images, and now it says I can’t include links in my post.

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Yeah it’s odd, i played with the settings further, having to keep shadows at max settings as well disabled triple buffering seems to have kept it at bay for me for now. I certainly hope it gets fixed soon, and glad i’m not exactly alone in this!

Are we all using NVidia GPUs? It might be a driver bug.