Odd Lockouts (Just Today)

My game is currently frozen. My CLIENT responds (things that are locally managed like Addons) but the server isn’t responding at all.

My Ping times are still in the mid-30s, though.

I can’t even log out/exit the game short of an alt-f4.

I’ve been DC’ing all day today (but my Netflix and Browsing hasn’t been affected at all - I multitask a bit).

There’s nothing on @BlizzardCS about any problems.


What troubleshooting have you done? Sounds like your hardware stopped responding.

Maybe I could make that more clear, but I don’t know how. My CLIENT is working - everything on MY end is working. My ping times are still mid-30s.

Can still be your issue.

Post a dxdiag.
Post a winmtr.

Respond to what people are asking you, not to your own internal monologue.

Sorry, I thought perhaps your suggestion that it was a hardware issue was because it wasn’t clear that both my client was working and my pings were still normal. I clarified as best I could.

Perhaps if you read the posts thoroughly and didn’t post reflexive nonsense responses this sort of confusion wouldn’t occur.

I didn’t post that. Elocin and I are two different people.

Pot- kettle.

Please read this page, as it explains almost all of your questions, and it tells you what to do if you still need help.

Elocin’s question still needs an answer.


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