[OC/NA] - [A & H] - Frostmourne - <WhimsiWarriors> Social/M+ focused

G’day, mates and fellow adventurers of Azeroth!

Are you searching for an Oceanic guild that embraces the spirit of fun and camaraderie? Look no further! The WhimsiWarriors guild is here, calling all players from the Oceanic region to embark on an exciting journey together.

:tada: About Us: :tada:

WhimsiWarriors is a newly formed Oceanic guild with a focus on creating a vibrant and enjoyable environment. We believe that conquering dungeons and battling foes can be accompanied by laughter and a sense of community.

:shield: What We Offer: :shield:

A welcoming community where players of all experience levels are valued.

Regular guild events, from wacky scavenger hunts to raid nights filled with humor and teamwork.

A stress-free and supportive atmosphere where everyone’s voice is heard.

Shared exploration of Azeroth’s wonders, one hilarious adventure at a time.

No raid experience necessary, I’m just looking for people who are keen to learn and put the time in practicing.

:crossed_swords: M+ Runs and Weekly Raids: :crossed_swords:

We’re actively seeking players interested in M+ runs and weekly raids. Join us to tackle challenging content while sharing laughter and camaraderie!. Looking for M+ focused players for weekly keys and pushing.

Currently recruiting

Tanks: Open

Healers: Open

DPS: Shadow Priest , Death Knight , Retribution Paladin

*** All DPS/Healers will be considered ***


Discord: War_lord93 or add on Bnet: SabzZz#1144. Embark on this epic journey with us! :dagger::tada::rocket:

Sounds like fun. If I wasnt already in there, I’d be in there!

Still looking for more!

Started raids! Come join us for fun times!