<Ockhams Razor> needs you to slay dragons and get amazingly personal loot!


Ockhams Razor is a server first & friendly Alliance guild here on Ghostlands-Kael’thas. We’ve been together for 9+ years under the same leadership!

Feel free to inquire via one of our contact options. All exceptional applicants will be considered, regardless of the role for which you are applying.

PLEASE NOTE we have a particular need at the moment for solid DPS, ranged or melee.

Raid times: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 8-11pm CST - Invites @ 7:45.

4/8M, 8/8H Eternal Palace

The raid team itself is a group of tight-knit friends who are great raiders as well as great people! We have played together for many years, and consistently downed progression content while it was current. We push for efficiency during the 9 hours we raid every week. We have several raiders that consistently parse in the 90th+ percentile on progression and farm fights.

While we maintain a casual schedule, we expect our raiders to be on time, and know enough about their class/role to understand what will be expected of them during progression. That said, we can confidently state that players can expect to see consistent progression on current content if they come prepared and ready to contribute.

We maintain one core roster of 20 players with several additional rotation players that swap in and out of progression encounters depending on raid needs, attendance, etc… All raiders can expect that they will have the opportunity to earn a core raiding spot if that is their desire, assuming they show up on time and play well.

Feel free to contact our recruitment officer Blotto/Pulsar in game or via btag Blotto#11543 or myself, Mayakashi (btag Synsyr#1259) . Our raid leader Alarkin (btag sam#12765) is also available to answer any questions.

Join us as we head into 8.3!