Oceanic server lag

When did they ask for information on our lag exactly? blues never come to our forums. The last time a blue that showed up was to tell us they were raising our sub price. What other information can we give them exactly? our servers are lagging, no one knows the root cause of it, we tell Blizzard this and they seemingly do nothing. What can we do exactly? unless Blizzard lets us host our own servers we can’t fix what the problem is, they have to do it.

Fee for no service or product not working as advertised class action. Refunds + damage for emotional distress, anyone interested?

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Lag is a tech issue. If you want it fixed rather than just complain about it you post in the tech area. The tech area asks you for information. Go try there.


when bunches of people were reporting it in the appropriately named Tech Support forum.

they’re not going to chase you around, when there’s a perfectly good designated contact point.

provide the information they’re requesting.

Only lag I get is the zone the world boss is in. So this week the lag is in revendreath. After tomorrow night’s reset it will be bastion

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i generally get alot of lag with wm off

It’s a server side issue, nothing we can provide will help them.

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But it isn’t when other people are saying no problems EXCEPT world boss locations - guess what a lot of people in NA have that and when they join NA groups and the same thing happens to NA when they join your groups.

Is this what the world has come to?

Oh lord we’re going to be conquered by aliens so easily.


My favorite part of reset day is the world boss fiesta.

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When everything client side is in the green, latency, fps, strong connection that means it’s serverside.

For whatever reason some shards become unstable and stop responding then catch up. Feels connection disruption but latency doesn’t change and chat is unaffected but everything else is.

It’s not the same as the localised lag near world bosses. I’ve had that too, this is very different. I suspect it’s the same server side issues that causes problems when logging in.

so provide them with the information which PROVES it’s a server side issue.

…bet you can’t. right?

I lag in certain zones, more so Ardenweald but throw in a zone with a World boss it’s Lagsville, but in dungeons and raids I’m fine.

Could it be because of outdated servers that are causing this problem?

So now we know it’s not just happening to me, someone else is complaining about lag too?

Anyway as much as I am mad at people on general forums for not believing me, I have posted in the tech forums now, I didn’t even know that forum was there.

Generally, lag is a ISP issue, not a blizz issue. If you use wifi, consider using a ethernet cable instead.

weird, because i asked if you’d touched base with tech support in your original “quit” thread.

and failed to provide any information.
so… i’m not sure what you expect to come of your post.

read the thread here, follow the instructions, post the requested information


Forget it nobully, all I need to know is that a lot of people are having the same issues with lag, which means it’s not just me, so it’s the end of the story.

and if you take a look through the threads where people have taken the time to post details, you’d see that the issues are discernibly on the users end.

so you’ve accepted that the issue isn’t blizzards fault…?
ok… but i’m not sure why you’d have no interest in finding out where your problem is, and how to resolve it.
…because THAT would be the end of the story, and the ending could be a happy one.


Because I already know most of the solutions people are proposing aren’t solutions I can do for various reasons that are none of anybody’s business that’s why.

Also the fact is, there was a brief period after a shutdown before Winter Veil where there was no lag and the zone transitions were smooth, then Winter Veil game and ever since then the lag has been absolutely atrocious and the game is completely unplayable.

this just makes it sound like you’re stealing someones internet :laughing: