Oceanic realms dead

20+ mins wait for lfr Aberrus as a healer on a friday evening… sad. these realms need merged asap

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Nah we just need cross faction queued content.

Oceanic Realms are a ghostown. I see 10x more players in non Dragonflight Zones by comparison. (Should of lead with Yes but mainly for Dragonflight Content).Patch 10.1 is mainbly to blame if you ask me. Zaralek Caverns right after the slog of the Forbidden Reach might of been a tipping point for some.(Just Speculation not facts. Personally I only recently bothered to go to Zaralek on my main just to gear up since Forbidden reach gear only gets me so far soloing older content. Can Link rares etc all day maybe get 1or 2 people every other rare to come help kill it (I main a Prot Warrior so its slow but mangeable so I don’t care if people don’t show up to get easy loot etc). I have not done much LFR since the return of the garbage Need Before Greed failure was reinstated. Aint touched a dungeon in Dragonflight since 10.05 if that I think once I had story crap done I had no need.

Main reason I am gearing now and not when 10.1 Came out was due to how garbage this current system of gear and even more garbage currency farming where you are throttled by how much you can upgrade a week so add garbage on top of that and you can see why us Oceanic Peeps are getting this issue. I don’t know how bad US and other Regions are going probably better due to population obviously but Ithink WoW overall Globally outside of Bot accounts etc is pretty low possibly around 5 million or less.( Guess amount since Blizz don’t share that info anymore.)

Can only hope the fire hose spewing all this Boring content is shut off permanently and fast.I am sick of gearing up then having to Rank gear up that is a bad system and it has always sucked. Bring back Pre Determined Item Level. Bonus Tertiary stat proc and socket chance and the Rare/Epic chance for quest gear along with that. Then players can plan out gearing better with less useless Currency to farm and have loitering around in there bags.

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Completely agree. Is there any reason why all Oceanic servers aren’t merged at this point?

oceanic classic era dead on all server but retail still great. I think people quit classic because of bots/hack