Oceanic Realms Calendar Off By One Day

We have a bug affecting the calendar for Oceanic realms-- the Winter’s Veil holiday is listed to start 24 hours before it will actually start.

We believe that this will result in the holiday kicking off exactly 24 hours after it’s listed on the in-game calendar, and then ending 24 hours later than listed on the in-game calendar.

We apologize for the confusion, and hope you enjoy the Feast of Winter’s Veil nonetheless!

Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

It’s always been a thing on Oceanic Realms opening up the Christmas Presents at 5pm on the 26th :slight_smile:

Event just ended early at the same time as the Calendar (1am 03/01/) which is 24hrs early according to your post.

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So winter Veil started a day late but ended a day early for OCE servers, doesnt quite seem fair.

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Thanks for ruining Xmas, Kaivax

You owe me mistletoe

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