Oceanic Calendar has wrong times/dates

Example, Darkmoon Faire says it starts 12:01am Sunday, March 3. Currently the Realm time and my Local time is 5:40pm Sunday, March 3 and there is no Darkmoon Faire up, I have no idea how to find the actual time it comes up.

Im not asking to change when the events start which some I believe are global starts, I just want the calendar to say the right times please.

Why it is an annoying issue, with Love is in the Air Event I had 100s of tokens across alts ready to buy the mount and toys on the final day I just needed one more daily run on a couple characters, because I didn’t know the exact end time I thought I had a chance at another run since they usually run a day over. But I was wrong the event ended like 6am apparently 4 hours after daily reset, so I could have stayed up a bit and done the dailies to get mounts/toys. My own fault for leaving it late, but if I had a correct deadline I could have worked it out.

Found a post where this was reported Jan 2021 & still not fixed. This is so frustrating. No idea when DM finishes either. Calendar is so messed up for OCE. I agree, just needs to reflect the actual times things start & finish.