OCE vs US servers in Arena instances

Hi, i’ve started playing arena this season on OCE servers and at times i feel that my toon is a bit clunky (don’t know if this is placebo or not) compared when i was playing on US servers. Latency is around 10ms of each other however also so it’s kind of odd as i should be getting the same response time. When i face US teams there are also times that it feels slightly laggy.

Does anyone know how the servers interact when you face an OCE team when you are in a US server? Does anyone have a similar experience?

I’ve noticed the same going from playing on tich in wrath/cata mop to playing on OCE server in wod/legion/bfa, I use to get clean 177 ping, now I get 200+ ping all the time with the rare chance of be being completely desync the entire time with 10k+ ping

Edit: I also played on KT so the west coast and east coast ping difference was noticeable but both have gotten worst