Occupied Stormwind

Hello Everyone! My ign is Magsy. Previously known as Shepsboy (Shepofphoenx’s son). I am the recruiting officer for the guild Occupied Stormwind. My family and I have been around Draka for many years. Raiding in and alongside the best of the best on this server in previous expansions. We’ve recently decided to return to the game. And rebuild a raiding roster. We are in search of experienced raiders who can bring skill, knowledge and a positive mindset to the table in order to push mythic progression and CE. Our officers are currently 12/12H and 3/12M. While the guild group itself is 7/12H Nyalotha after only the third week of raiding. We are in dire need of dps. Both ranged and melee as well as 1 or 2 healers to complete our team. If you have any questions or desire to join our team. Add me on Battle.net @ Dwhite#1579