Obsidian Citadel is an absolute slog

Probably the least enjoyable out of any of the endgame content in DF. Making soup with the Tsukarr and taking my old man for a walk in the dream gets me pumped every time, but Obsidian Citadel feels like pulling teeth.

The enemies are far too spongey. At my item level, I’m wiping the floor with enemies in Heroic dungeons, but taking down a single Djaradin feels like it takes five whole minutes. Even when you’re finally at a point where you aren’t getting creamed, actually dealing damage to them takes forever. This isn’t challenging, it’s just boring and frustrating.

The way you gain reputation with the brothers takes WAY too long, almost spitefully so. Lock the reputation quests behind a week timer is just obscene. The daily quests with the Shado-Pan felt like that took too long, but this can take as long as an entire month to reach full appreciation with a single brother. If they were daily they’d still feel too long, but still much better.

I’m just trying to get black scales for my Dragonriding mount. After I get them, I’ll probably go out of my way to never do this content again. Which is a shame, because most of the endgame content in DF is actually quite enjoyable. But OC’s content isn’t fun, takes forever, is full of frustrating encounters, and is extremely lacking in quest variety.

I don’t know if it’s too late for Blizz to consider updating this, but I’d recommend at least in the future that they at least use it as an example of what not to do. Recently, Blizz seems to be pretty good at learning from mistakes, given that most of the problems I’ve had with SL’s tortuously bad content weren’t repeated.