OB is dead please save us

Everyday gets worse and worse with OB. I am ready to cancel my subscription as I cannot seem to find joy in the game anymore. Having many max level toons I cannot see myself paying 100+ dollars on xfers. PLEASE HEAR OUR CRYS AND THROW US A BONE BLIZZARD. WE NEED FREE XFERS HERE!!! Been in OB since the start it’s dead!


OLD BLANCHY IS A GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY MADE BY ALEX JONES NEAR THE END OF WOTLK, BEGINNING OF CATA! He lurked during Vanilla and TBC but ultimately made his strike when the map was changed. He wanted to control Azeroth with his mighty powers.

I’m with that other guy, Alex Jones is very sinister. He made the Alliance and Horde friends for some reason. ALIEEEEEEEEEENS

alex jones aka bill hicks is a cia asset.

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