<Oaken Rebirth> 4/12M LFM RDPS

Edit: One Shot on Wrathion for the first reclear, and Skitra down on 2nd Pull. Hopefully, we’ll have an update on a Maut kill tonight as well. :wink:

All else still stands, always looking for more good folks to play with.

Ysera Horde finally has a Mythic Guild, as Oaken Rebirth defeated Wrathion courtesy of our “last pull of the night” magic.

Still recruiting though.

Hit me up if you’re interested. Ranged DPS with a good Healing Offspec most in need.


Transfer to a big server lol!

Maut and Shad’har also down. Have some close pulls on Hivemind.
Could always use more people.

I’d be down to help old friends and hang. I’m sure there’s still some familiar faces around. 12/12M but have unlocked 475+ alts. Boomkin and Blood DK mostly cause DH is locked for sales. Hit me up, think I still have the discord Darklurkar#1910