Nymue frame rates

I have a Mac mini M1 run on 7 graphics settings with no issues sitting around 60 to 70 frames but when I get to Nymue my frames drop sub 20. any idea how to fix ?

if liquid is set to antyhing above fair, turn it down. if compute is on, turn it off.

Anyone found a solution for this, even putting everything to minimum graphics did not help much for me. Its only an issue when the green leafs are up on the ground for me.

I do not. i get 0 frame drops on this fight, but i know of others that tank hard. same for smolderon and tindral and fyrak. some people have huge fps drops even on low settings and I run ultra settings at 4k with locked 60fps with only two settings off, compute and liquid

Then, assuming similar hardware (M-Series), I’d have to assume one of those two settings is turned on for the others and/or they’re trying to run native render scale without the aid of FSR, which would also tank FPS fairly hard.

well i think the issue in this room is also a cpu bound one, and truth of matter is apple silicon runs circles around any intel mac at this point.

entire raid is heavily cpu bound due to many design issues that even many PC users having same problems if they don’t have one that’s 2 years or newer. straight up 3 year old PCs are struggling. But yeah most apple silicon has cpu advantage here. especially M2 and above, M1 might already feel it a little.

This also happens to me. The raid is generally fine but on Nyume, that green grass just makes the FPS drop instantly. Others in raid have also noticed their FPS drop mainly on this fight but also others.

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Make sure you’re only using 100% render scale. It has been completely broken since day 1 of this patch.

That’s completely not true, in fact using 100% render scale will cause most macs to have terrible performance, since most have 4 or even 5k resolutions.

I only use 50% render scale and FSR 1.0 upscaling. if I tried to do 100% render scale at 4k my performance would go in toilet. 4k 60+ fps on any decent graphic settings is still expensive rendering.

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