Nyborg [Resto Shaman LFG]

Hello folks,

I’m Nyborg. I’ve been a ride-or-die Resto Shaman main for the last decade, and I’ve played a Shaman since Vanilla. I just transferred back to Horde after a brief stint as a Dwarf and boy, I’m happy to be back. During my recent ~3 year stint on Alliance I’ve been raiding with a guild of folks who at times struggled to get through Heroic. It worked for me, because I was scaling back my play at the time, and I got emotional fulfillment out of helping a Guild get content done that was difficult for them. Now that I’ve made a return to Horde, it’s also time to make a return raiding with a higher caliber group of players, and possibly Mythic Raiding.

With the imminent release Dragonflight on the way its time has come to look for a new Guild to raid with here on Hyjal. My ultimate goals are relatively accelerated AOTC progression, and KSM+. If I can find a guild that also gets some Mythic raiding done, that would be wonderful. I just don’t think I’m willing to commit to a 4-Day/Week+ heavy Mythic progression schedule. I’m too old for that s**t now, I need to fall asleep watching the news at least a couple days a week.

Raid Times: Any days starting at 7:00PM Server Time or later. (Work restrictions) Tues/Thurs are preferable, but not required.
Raid Goals: Quick AOTC Push before some Mythic Progression.
Mythic+ Goals: Some folks who like pushing KSM pretty quick, and generally enjoy challenging themselves with keys that are hard for them.

Here are a variety of raid logs to review. They should give a pretty solid picture of my performance:

  1. Castle Nathria - Heroic

  2. Ny’alotha - Mythic

  3. Ny’alotha - Heroic

  4. Eternal Palace - Heroic

  5. Battle of Dazar’alor - Heroic

  6. Uldir - Heroic

  7. Raider.io

While I am a Resto Shaman Main, I play all 3 specs well and usually keep them all geared at a level that is acceptable for progression content. I can play multiple roles, I come prepared, and I take pride in being a self-sufficient player. I know what it means to be both a good leader, and teammate. I have no problem following the chain of command. You say jump, Ill jump, even if its into fire.

Feel free to contact me on any of the following platforms if you think I would be a good fit for your group:

Discord: Nyborg#4579
BNet: Nyborg#1483