NVIDIA 537.42 Drivers Causing Lagging

Just wanted to make a note in case anyone else is seeing this. When I am actively in the WoW windows, FPS drops to like 9 FPS. Then if i go to another screen and interact with that, I can see FPS jump back to normal in WoW. I am on an RTX 3060 and a a Ryzen 7 5800X

Interesting…i might have the same issue. Do we downgrade to an older update?

same issue. consistent low FPS after Nvidia driver update. Single digits. 3080 Ti

So is it the patch has some issues with the drivers? If so, rolling back now.

Rolled back to 537.34 and still lagging unless game is NOT the active window. Removed all drivers and did a clean install at 537.34 and still lagging. Started after i updated to 537.42. I’m going to sleep. Hopefully someone figures this out for me.

I’ve been lagging in the capital cities, and just realized I didn’t update my driver to 537.42.

Doing that now, I guess I’ll guess I’ll find out if it’s for better or worse. I thought it was my connection being wonky.

Max FPS was set to ZERO after updating the driver… Unbelievable. How does this even happen?

Under Graphics, “Max Foreground FPS Toggle” set to 144… Problem solved. I hate computers.


Thanks so much for this. Was the same way in Retail and Classic. This was it for me!

Thank you for posting this. The same issue happened to me.