Numerical Values for HP not showing anymore

For my S20+ the companion app has been working fine. However, today all of a sudden the numerical values for the companions have disappeared.


When you’re assigning followers to an Adventure, if you tap on either the friendly or enemy bar that has their health and attack stats, it will toggle the numerical values on and off.

This setting persists to the combat replay.

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I constantly have the same issue. The health bars were there showing the values for weeks and all of a sudden the values disappeared. The clicking on the bar method doesn’t work as it just pops up the more detailed description of the troop. Furthermore, the enemy troops no longer even have a health bar prior to starting the mission. Once the mission completes the bar returns but still without values.

I’m also facing same issue…can you be more specific about the fix please?

i dont know if people are still running into this issue, but he doesnt mean the health bar under the portrait of the troop, but the health and attack totals at the top and bottom of the screen.

This is the single biggest problem for the WoW app that needs to be addressed. We need to see the actual health number instead of just a useless green health bar in order to set up our missions. Please fix this and show the number all the time!

I’ve had this issue in the mobile app on & off and finally figured out, after a lot of clicking around, that you must be in an adventure and you click the health/attack bar on top of the screen (under the name of the adventure). I was clicking the companion health bar and that only opened the companion’s description window.

It’s the little bar highlighted in light blue with the heart icon & sword icon in the adventure window at the top and on the bottom (right above the companions). Click that and it will toggle the numerical value.