Number of Keybinds per Class/Specialization

Would you like to pick your class/spec based on how many buttons you’ll have to press? Then this is the place for you.

These counts are not aimed at controller players; my base assumption is that infrequently used abilities (such as hour-long buffs) don’t need to be keybound.

These counts do not take PvP talents, Covenant abilities, etc. into account.
The first number is if you choose as many passive talents as possible, the second number is if you choose as many active talents as possible.

Disclaimer: There are several classes/specs I have little, if any, experience with (namely, pet classes/specs). Therefore I included as many details of my counting as possible (so the experienced among you can compensate when interpreting the numbers).

Also, if there’s a Macro that would affect the keybind count of a spec, please let me know.

Death Knight
Not Counted: Runeforging; Death Gate.
Control Undead was counted as 1 (pet buttons were not counted).
For Unholy, add 4 if you key bind all of the Ghoul’s abilities (not including Attack, Follow, Move to, Assist, Defensive, or Passive).

Blood: 26-33
Frost: 24-30
Unholy: 24-29

Not Counted: Arcane Intellect; Teleports; Portals; Conjure Refreshments (nor [Eat Conjured Mana Food]).
For Arcane, Mana Gem (Use) was counted as 1; Conjure Mana Gem was not counted.
For Frost, Summon Water Elemental was counted as 1; Freeze (pet ability) was counted as 1.

Arcane: 25-29
Fire: 23-28
Frost: 23-32

Demon Hunter
Not Counted: Glide

Vengeance: 17-22
Havoc: 16-23

Not Counted: Battle Shout.
For Arms & Fury, neither Shield Slam nor Shield Block were counted.
For Arms, Fervor of Battle talent was counted as -1 (I unbind Slam with this talent… idk if I’m alone in that choice though).
For Fury, Slam was not counted (I’ve heard it can be worth using in Torghast though…).
For Prot, Whirlwind was not counted.

Prot: 26-29
Arms: 24-31
Fury: 23-27

Not Counted: Zen Pilgrimage; Zen Flight.
For Brewmaster & Windwalker, Resuscitate was counted as 1.
For Mistweaver, Reawaken was counted as 1 (Resuscitate was not counted).

Brewmaster: 24-30
Windwalker: 24-31
Mistweaver: 26-31

Not Counted: Astral Recall; Flametongue Weapon.
Farsight was counted as 1.
For Restoration, Water Shield was counted as 1; Lightning Shield was counted as 1.
For Enhancement, neither Lightning Shield nor Windfury Weapon were counted.
For Elemental, neither Lightning Shield nor Primal Strike were counted.
For Elemental & Enhancement, Earth Shield talent was counted as 2 (because Lightning Shield would then need a keybind).
For Elemental, Primal Elemantalist talent was counted as 1 (‘cause I’m lazy; if you plan to take that talent, do the math yourself).
For Elemental & Enhancement, Ancestral Spirit was counted as 1.
For Restoration, Ancestral Vision was counted as 1 (Ancestral Spirit was not counted).

Enhancement: 27-35
Elemental: 27-35
Restoration: 33-40

Not Counted: Sense Undead.
Turn Evil was counted as 1.
For Retribution, Shield of the Righteous was not counted.
For Retribution & Protection, Redemption was counted as 1.
For Holy, Absolution was counted as 1 (Redemption was not counted).

Protection: 27-30
Retribution: 29-35
Holy: 30-36

Not Counted: Power Word: Fortitude.
Mind Vision was counted as 1.
Shackle Undead was counted as 1.
Mind Control was counted as 1 (pet buttons were not counted).
For Shadow, Shadowform was not counted.
For Shadow, Misery talent was NOT counted as -1 (my understanding is that you’d still want SW: Pain keybound).
For Shadow, Resurrection was counted as 1.
For Holy & Discipline, Mass Resurrection was counted as 1 (Resurrection was not counted).

Shadow: 28-33
Discipline: 28-35
Holy: 32-36

Not Counted: default pet bar buttons: Attack; Follow; Move to; Assist; Defensive; Passive.
Also Not Counted: Call Pet(s).
Command Pet was counted as 2.
Mend Pet was counted as 1 (other Pet Utilities were not counted).
Eyes of the Beast was counted as 1.
Eagle Eye was counted as 1.
For Survival, neither Arcane Shot nor Steady Shot were counted.
For Beast Mastery, Arcane Shot was not counted.
For Marksman, subtract 4 if you choose the Lone Wolf talent.

Survival: 29-34
Beast Mastery: 27-34
Marksman: 28-33

(I may have simplified these counts a bit too far; read carefully.)
Not Counted: Dreamwalk
None of the abilities that require–before activating–a Specialization’s non-primary form were counted.
For Balance, Feral, & Guardian, the Specialization’s primary “Form” button was counted as 1 (no other Form buttons were counted).
For Balance, Feral, & Guardian, Revive was counted as 1.
For Restoration, Revitalize was counted as 1 (Revive was not counted).
How I counted the 3rd talent row: Feral Affinity = 0; Guardian Affinity = 1; Balance Affinity = 1; Restoration Affinity = 4.

Guardian: 27-34
Feral: 28-35
Balance: 23-31
Restoration: 26-32

Not Counted: Poisons; Pick Pocket; Pick Lock; abilities that require Stealth.
For Assassination, Blindside talent was counted as 1.
For Assassination, Subterfuge talent was counted as 2.

Outlaw: 24-28
Assassination: 23-29
Subtlety: 28-30

(Again, I don’t know pet classes; oversimplifications incoming.)
Not Counted: Unending Breath; Ritual of Doom; Ritual of Summoning; Create Soulwell.
Healthstone (Use) was counted as 1; Create Healthstone was not counted.
Summon Demon(s) was counted as 1.
Eye of Kilrogg was counted as 1.
Subjugate Demon was counted as 1.
Command Demon was counted as 1.
Soulstone was counted as 1.
For Destruction & Demonology, Corruption was not counted.
For Destruction & Affliction, Grimoire of Sacrifice talent was only counted as 1.

Destruction: 25-32
Affliction: 25-31
Demonology: 24-31


@Whatdough where does the Evoker fall into this? This is a super helpful list. Can you add the Evoker/any other updates that may have transpired since the last post?

So you’re assuming Huntard-level play?

The need to position pets, Dismiss and Call them to avoid massive pet pulls, and control their actions is central to (at least Beast Mastery) Hunter play.

17 years playing a a Hunter of one flavor or another and I don’t think I’ve used either Eyes of the Beast or Eagle Eye more than 2 times, ever.

Stay in your lane, dude. You’ve no idea what you’re talking about.