Now that I've been a victim of the daily 30 instance limit

You can’t. Im pretty sure the limit is account wide.

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They actually changed it to character instead of account. The 5 per hour is still account though.

Not anymore:

This is what happens when Blizzard decides to punish all players rather than deal with bots on an individual basis.

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They hardly punished all players. There’s a handful of players repeatedly posting about this on the forums, and that’s it. I have yet to meet a player in the game who’s bumped into this.


Well that’s nice I guess…



Oh the horror

You’re not a victim.

Not going to happen. Been telling this to people for a month now. It’s staying. Just have to accept the things you cannot change.

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Farming Deadmines also gives ore for you beginning engi alt or BS alt. It’s a really good head start, too.

The point is that they’re not targeting bots, they’re targeting all players. And who are you to say how someone spends their time? This isn’t about judging how someone spends their gametime. This is Blizzard’s laziness impacting all players.

Maybe you’ll feel differently when this type of policy affects you in the future through some other change.

Oh look another hot take Zaalg…

They didn’t say they were targeting just bots with this change, they wanted to stop exploitative gameplay and automated gameplay.

Also EVERY player is affected by this change even if they do not hit the 30 instance limit themselves because it slows power players from flooding the economy with easy to farm gold causing inflation.

Okay, my dude. I have doubts about that. That’s just where the criticism begins, unfortunately. You seriously can’t think of something else that’s more entertaining to do for 40 out of 60 minutes for 6 hours than farming Stockades? Play another game.

The limit should be lower . . . like 5 a day.




Quit mischaracterizing the situation and putting words in my mouth. They targeted bots, and a handful of players are getting hit with the splash damage. I’m sorry you can’t make the distinction between that and targeting all players. They’ve already made acceptable compromises to placate those affected:

I feel bad for the legitimate players who enjoy pretending to bot, but I think they’ll still manage if they only get six hours worth of farming in a day now.


This doesn’t affect ALL players, just ones like you.

You literally did the same thing for 6 hours in a row. Find something else to do.