Now... i care less about certain ppl

~ this bs right here… is why i hate companies that let outside sources affect the fantasy worlds we play in…

Seriously if this keeps up although i have support them I’m going to go ahead and make them suffer if they keep destroying things we have enjoyed playing

Fun fact: The word “swarthy” means something very different to us than it did in the 19th century.


I squint at it a bit. I am not opposed to diversity but I’d rather see it happen as a “natural” result of hiring a diverse staff vs trying to write something one may not have actual nuanced understandings of.

But whatever. I can get behind making the “evil” races --err species-- of D&D less black and white. It was one of the last major fantasy settings still doing that anyway.

similarly record of lodoss war one of my favorite animes the dark elf character was edited recently this elf character has been here since the 90s but suddenly its a problem

Pirotess >>>>> Deedlit


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Most of the evil races in D&D are like that because of their religions or masters, or “dude power lmao”. Many half-springs are neutral, and there’s also exceptions like Drizzt. And when it comes to demons or devils… well, are we really gonna put devils in a grey zone now? It’s kinda their role to be there…

Agree. I wrote about this on a wotc thread on fb. I’m actually more into running my d & d campaigns these days than even wow. But i seriously never viewed the races in the game how they are supposedly enforcing negative stereotypes. You mean drow and orcs are real?! Ffs its fiction. Its a game. I started playing d&d in the 80s. I mostly dm…in all this time (and yes I’ve hosted games of various races to…
Including African Americans and asians to name two) we never. EVER. Though anything of it besides a game. No racial jokes were ever said heck we didnt even know we were supposed to be offended.

And heres the point i wrote to wotc…since 2k13 d&d profits rose each year …the game started in 1974 (release year). So in 7 years of sustained profits and 46 years of existence NOW wotc is offended at their “insensitive” product? Funny how that happens.

Can we say virtue signaling?

Please explain, in detail, how you failed to grasp that a) D&D lets you literally craft your world as you see fit and 2) this really only affects people who play pre-built adventures.

I’m still surprised today that the Naga race in WOW hasn’t been put under the microscope or changed by these types of people who rant “racist” over and over

Heck i mod even the wotc modules. I rarely run any ttrpg material as written.

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So, are Void Elves…Void Faced-Blood elves now?


I wouldn’t know, I still consider them Blood elves after a weekend of partying and other things :joy:

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Its about the principle of it, Look if they did with a logical reason instead of just Pc babys crying about things being “race issued” and honestly destroy certain parts of it in the process i’d be fine with it like maybe they found a new king or something or a new god they followed that would be fine.

So ya the change itself isn’t the problem the reason they changed it is the problem.

Look drow (the race itself) is suppose to be seen as evil and all that thats what makes great heroes in the drow who become good legendary … (when done correctly anyways) because it requires you to be more and more creative and work within how people view you. Its like If I’m a vampire of course people will see me as evil when I eat their brothers and sisters to survive … however if I become a “good” vampire that goes against my very nature creates a ultimate legendary story gameplay wise

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… Good points. I apologize for my earlier harshness.

shrug I’m not great at explaining tbh I personally dc what a game or company does so long as they do so for good reason but submitting to real world issues then changing a fantasy thing is where I get to where I go into “hell no” mode lol

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