Now Available: World of Warcraft®: Wrath of the Lich King®–A Pandemic System Board Game

There are plenty of things to be outraged over with Blizzard.

A board game that isn’t even going to reach 80% of the populous isn’t it.

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Blizzard is currently the FOTM corporation to be upset with.

And, you know, rightfully so. Shadowlands has been a very lackluster experience, and its recent patch has dipped that even further. However, people should really pick and choose what they’re getting upset over if they ever want to be taken seriously.

Scrutinizing every little thing Blizzard does is a surefire way to keep Blizzard from engaging with people, especially those on the forums.


Alright. This is epic.

Timing is kinda bad. Should have released this when you annouce Wrath Classic, that would definatly drive up more sales from the hype announcement.

Oh, I’m aware. I just get a kick out of the completely irrational, over-emotional responses people have about this game. Getting mad over a board game?

How can a person even bring themselves to care enough about this to comment stuff like “anything for a buck”. It’s a gaming company… partnering with a board game company… and you’re actually upset? As if it’s not literally their job to find methods to make $$?

I just get a kick out of it lol.


“Rent-free” blah blah blah… but we literally had a tangerine telling people to drink bleach a little over a year ago. I think we can handle a board game about the Scourge Invasion at this point.

And realistically, here’s the deal - WOTLK nostalgia sells. It just does. Blizzard acts based on $$$. They weighed the pros and cons most likely and decided to push forward with this, which suggests they expect it to make money even in the face of whatever small (false flag) backlash there is.

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Do you think it took blizzard 2 years to reskin Pandemic?

As such this was kicked off during this year or mid last year.

People already pointed out pandemic was a game before COVID - it’s the soulless corporatism of pushing a new pandemic game during COVID that appears tone-deaf.

Someone however aptly pointed out however - it’s a personal issue I have with it - I am not telling them to stop or any such thing - just that it is in poor taste.

While removing my comment was totally fair I feel ripped off because I was truly inb4 all the predictable responses lol.

A pandemic game. Well after fully vaccinated and my entire family and myself never getting covid. I guess I don’t mind

But I totally get why people think it’s bad taste

Just remember, no matter how stupid you think the wow playerbase

You can read threads like these and realize they’re even dumber than expected

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Labeling it as a personal issue doesn’t alleviate you from being criticized for it. You’re clearly using it as a tool to criticize Blizzard, so why should we not do the same to you?


Well yes, they are a business that are literally doing anything and everything “for a buck”.

There are many things to complain about this sorry state of WoW affairs but dumb comments like these are why noone takes them seriously.

I seriously thought this was a joke post! You know, something you just posted to lighten the air on the forums by making a funny. I clicked the link and it’s um…er…for real!!! Edit: ok my bad didn’t notice this is an Blizz post. Then…I just don’t get it.

Pandemic is actually pretty fun to play, I might just have to pick this up.

People act like pandemics didn’t happen before covid.

This is a perfect tie-in with Wrath. I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner or that they didn’t wait for Classic Wrath. That probably would make more sense.

Edit:. Hmmm it releases in November. Maybe they’ll announce Classic Wrath along side it.

It will only be a matter of time before the boosting community ruins this board game. :upside_down_face:

I will be checking IO before you sit down at my table, thank you very much.

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Stratholm would still be with us if only people put their cloak over their face like Terenas told them to.


…Can I be a pandaren tho.

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Should we stop playing the online game?

Why hello there paintable miniatures.

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