Not how I imagined my first RP attempt on this alt in six years to go!

I actually walked all the way from Stormwind, down to Darkshire, since that’s apparently where all the Alliance RP is now? At least, that’s what I’ve read. Either way, everyone seemed to be gathered around the fountain, and I didn’t want to interrupt, so I went inside and sat down. Was almost immediately approached by another Worgen, who… asked if I liked rats. Said no, they just left. I logged out after a bit.

Not… quite how I pictured one of my old favorite characters’ returns going.

That’s your own fault if you don’t like rats, I don’t know what to tell you


Hey there, welcome back to Wyrmrest! If you ever wanna join in, you can always whisper us or even just ask us in ooc parentheses when you get near and we’ll provide an in for you! You aren’t gonna be interrupting public rp happening in the town square. Also the Worgen who asked you if you liked rats was Cherby, Cherby’s a good dude. It sounded like he was trying to give an in to roleplay and it got rejected, this is why OOC communication is important!


Random RP is always a bit of a gamble! Never know what’s going to happen. But if at first you don’t succeed, try try again!


Vell you know, for vot zis is vorth it should be known zat most Worgens is clinically mentally hilarious, so yes, zat is a thing.

Trust me, I haf ze long-form equations zat proov zis!

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Why don’t you like rats though?

What I’m hearing is that the tavern is now serving ratburgers.

The burgers might not be rats, but the crab cakes are not crab. Don’t ask what they are.


It’s spiders.


They have creepy little paws, creepy little faces, and a tendency to get into the cheese.

I mean, I would have followed up had he followed up… But he just walked off, so I guess he figured it was just full-on RP rejection. Guess I’m also not as used to RP on here as I used to be, heheh…

He was probably spooked by the culture of anti-rat RP.

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You best not serve that to Lovi when she visits! :joy:

Hmmmmm, hmmmmmmmm, what about foxes or wolves?

Eh whatever I’ll double post.

We have Bloodhoof Village Story Circle coming up tomorrow at 6:30 server time which you might find entertaining. It’s crossfaction so you’ll want to bring some Elixirs of Tongues.

Great place to go to meet RPers from across the faction line. Also just generally fun to be there. :dracthyr_heart:

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