Not available in personal loot


I am trying to collect a transmog and have been running the dungeon over and over and its not dropping for me.

One thing I notice is that AllTheThings (the addon) says “Not available in personal loot” in the tooltip. I am wondering if this is the reason it wont drop.

I created a level 15 assassination rogue and entering/resetting Ragefire Chasm over and over again for the Fang of Adarogg that drops from Adarogg, the first boss.

Do I have bad RNG and just need to keep trying? Or do I not correctly understand loot for transmog runs?

I have no idea what the problem with that specific item is, but according to wowhead, there are a few daggers that share that appearance, including a Burning Crusade BoE:

The only problem with that is your level 15 rogue wouldn’t actually be able to use that specific appearance, but there is one that also drops in the Stockade that it could just fine:

The issue with farming some dungeon bosses for specific items is that they only drop like 1 or 2 at a time…which means if they have 5-6 pieces on their loot table, you just may get unlucky for a while and never see the one you want.

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Yeah I am trying to figure out what “Not available in personal loot” means also is it your class or something? Are all white and grey not transmogable?