Not adding RDF is the biggest mistake!

I’m playing wow, I don’t feel like argueing with fools while doing heroics?


Don’t need help. The game is already perfect! Why would we need anything at all?

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lol? hey we’re not in april 1st

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I didn’t say RDF made dungeons harder, I said Blizz can increase dungeon difficultly with no RDF. Look at the patch notes from early Cata when Blizz nerfed heroic dungeons, the reason given was RDF.

I know the date. You don’t like the game but you’re paying to post here. Between the two of us, jokes on you! =)

I’m okay with it. Keep feeding them $$$ so they don’t make any changes!

their changes didn’t invigorate low-level dungeons around launch. guess they didn’t plan accordingly

yet you are still here, without the evidence to prove the removal of RDF protected the “social experience.”


Disagree. My realm was awesome! Groups all the way up in minutes. Their changes were perfect.

“People that disagree with me are terrible and have issues whaaa!!!”

That’s what you sound like. Its also the same behavior children display when they can not participate in a conversation at an intellectual level. Its ok that you want RDF and its ok that others don’t. Insulting the other side merely shows us why you’re not invited into your server community.

Because you keep tagging me.

Don’t try to run your mouth kid

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because you keep replying to me, i thought you were too busy?

okay daddy

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I am guessing you missed the other posts and the interview that said we are not getting it on release, there is not twisting that’s what they actually said.
Now I know you are going to ask for the proof and as soon as I find where I saw it, I will let you know.


None after Aug 8

I would argue that not fixing the many bugs that still exist in wrath was the biggest mistake.

they used time to fix those bugs to instead remove RDF, and implement a retail-esque tool, to “protect social experience”


Wise choice.

yea wise how they let people exploit conspicuously, bot and RMT rampantly; turn a blind eye over real issues while making an issue out of something that wasn’t

very wise

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On your realm… yeah
Here is mine right now I have been listed for oh at least 30 minutes, so glad your realm is good though makes me feel heaps better about not having the LFD


it was an interview with a dev so you are looking in the wrong place, I’ll find it dont worry lol


No you won’t.

Ok then if you say so