Not adding RDF is the biggest mistake!

If wrath gets RDF is will be with ICC. In fact RDF was a catch up mechanic and I’m guessing they will use it as such going forward ie not have at launch of Cata but bring in at the back end.

People leveled and geared just fine the first time around and will do so again this time. The only people affected by not having RDF are the malcontents that want to spew identity politics, be an edge lord or a jerk in lfg chat.


Right, so where does it say, “never”.


Haha - You’re pouting and being condescending because someone won’t argue with you?

You won’t convince me to not like the game as it was released. I don’t care about your opinion. The game is awesome.

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you sound offended by my opinion, guess it is late. you should get some rest.


Sorry, but RDF removes almost all of that from happening.

I’ve been playing for nearly 18 years, I’ve watched the game edge closer to the slippery slope and fall off it.

Classic without RDF is the full appeal to players like me who hated what retail became. People who socialize, who enjoy guilds that matter and not just a raid team number, where it’s a experience and not a daily log in chore.

A player will choose the quickest path, if the quickest path requires no socializing then they will do zero socializing. Go do a dungeon on retail through RDF or go do LFR. See who talks. You aren’t a fellow player, your a number, a random thing they’re grouped with. People on retail have all forgotten how to socialize, it’s why they ask for mythic dungeons to have RDF, because they can’t socialize anymore. Even asking for a invite has rendered them too scared of rejection or criticism. The soft skinned gamer was born from convenience.


I mean, you can ignore the entire section where they responded all you want. You can sit here on the forums begging all you want. As long as you keep paying, I’m happy and Blizzard won’t change it, so I get what I want!

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This here

Does not say never. Troll harder.


I concede. You’re probably correct. They’ll add it if they do a Classic Cata release. I’m okay with that. I won’t play Cata. Fully plan to enjoy this version of Wrath since it’s before they destroyed the game with terrible features.

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it doesn’t, your friends aren’t going to betray you for randoms in queue, your guildies aren’t going to look for new besties in RDF. unless you cheat on them ofcourse, they may be the jealous types.

great many of us have, doesn’t change the fact that RDF’s removal doesn’t protect your social experience

you mean like all the retail-esque features they are adding to classic wow while removing original features?

RDF didn’t single handedly shape retail into what it is today

RDF doesn’t take away players ability to do that, you aren’t limited to queue up for RDF only by yourself

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RDF is a wotlk feature


So, how did RDF destroyed the game. I see this all the time, but seen nobody explain, so explain on how RDF destroys the game.

And that’s cool if you don’t play Cata. I don’t care what you do or don’t play.

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Again. I argue it does take all that away.

If you’re going to claim it doesn’t, cite some sources, give examples.

You cannot just say “ it doesn’t change” when historically it has changed and it’s easily proved by looking at retail and especially cataclysm and mop.

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It’s not a feature in the version they released. I’m glad they made better choices.

You seem like someone who reads the forums with a mask covering your eyes.


How do you know thousands of people decided against playing, I nearly didn’t, if it wasn’t my favorite Expac I wouldn’t be, Yes, I don’t know either so you assumption is not fact.


You seem to can’t answer my question because of a ridiculous reply

No that’s your opinion of what happened to the decline, once again no facts, if you do have any let me know will you so I can apologies.

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I didn’t say it was. But the person who responded is still paying and all the people complaining about this awesome version in these forums are still paying. Servers are still bursting with participation. Blizzard is making the money they need to keep their convictions on this choice so I don’t need to know the details. Kudos to them for making a wise choice on this one.

players already do so without RDF, they do heroic tours now with minimal socializing; RDF would encourage them to do that with their friends as well with preform groups, while not destroying the preexisting lack of social experience that is forming that group to begin with.

LFR on retail wouldn’t be the same as RDF in classic wotlk.

maybe they havn’t forgotten and instead choose not to? not everybody wants to talk to you, that won’t change even without RDF.

people get rejected often when requesting to join groups through LFG already, RDF would be great solution for those who keep running into the elite gatekeeping type; speaking of removal of RDF for protecting social experience this seems contradictory when you include those who use LFG to gatekeep players based on arbitrary reasons.

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So, where did the numbers decline when RDF was added?

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Won’t !== Can’t

I don’t have to answer your question. You aren’t entitled to an answer. I already got what I wanted and they agreed with me and ignored you. They released an awesome game and I’m very thankful they are ignoring your camp and sticking to it.

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