Not adding RDF is the biggest mistake!

LFG has the same convenience.

players already sell tanking services without RDF

players already do this in LFG


none of these examples prove how the removal protects your social experience, which was the reason for the removal in the first place.

says you, how about those who can’t get into groups due to server issues?

when did they say they were never adding RDF? source.



I don’t need to argue. I already got what I wanted and they are ignoring you. No point. Games great as it is.

Agree, ICC convenience features were a bad addition to the game.

They tried a whole lot in Cata. Not just fixing Wrath mistakes.

I wish they would fork from this version of Classic. I know they won’t but it would be awesome if they would. We already know that any similar changes from here will lead to retail… so, /shrug

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When everyone had to run to a dungeon during classic, more banter happened while people ran. People told jokes, asked if we would run more, the group mattered more and people’s time mattered more.

In TBC, people often would pm tanks if they were running more, leading to people getting more accustomed to eachother, you’d find yourself running with the same 2-3 people daily. Sometimes this led to friendships or even a guild if you lacked one.

During wotlk, people often want “world tours”. This means people are less toxic and more willing to do banter. I tend to run with the same group for 6-8 dungeons as we clear, we take a small bio break and have interesting chats while we wait or as we clear.
People ask for achievements and learn new skips and new players learn basic mechanics.

Would you get this from RDF? Doubtful

Don’t worry. Adding RDF to WotLK will not be a slippery slope that leads to the devs nerfing WotLK 5 mans so random PUGs can complete them.

And how is convenience a toxic thing?

How was it bad for the game?

I haven’t really seen this at all during my entire time playing WoW.

And how do you know it is over nothing?

Yeah, and you must be glad that they have boost too.


August 8 they responded…


Because they like face roll content.
Gamers are not actually gamers anymore.
They want a theme park.
Juat look at the Mobile games they all play themselves now.

Its funny seeing retail players here, they go into these dungeons and try to mass pull like retail and end up dead.
They want free epics, they don’t want to make friends or learn content.

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That is not saying they are never adding it.


Nope. But I chose a fresh server so I don’t have to worry about this.

And the fresh servers don’t stay fresh for long, because then everything else will be enabled, and guess what, it will be there.

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You can stick your fingers in your ears all you want but they were very specific. They are not adding RDF.

Plan accordingly

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…but, RDF won’t.

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Man, you can grab that crayon out of your head. “No Plans” =/= “Never”

Learn the difference.

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None of the items are your list happen with RDF. It was a terrible addition to the game. I’m glad they are leaving it out.

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You seem desperate. You refuse to listen to them. That’s okay. You’re still here paying so it reenforcing they made the correct choice.

i dont think you’re capable either.

you disagree both tools help players get into group activities? okay

people still have the option to do that with RDF, removing it didn’t protect those social interactions from happening, players are the ones who choose to socially interact, the tools they use do not choose how they socialize, especially tools that don’t limit their ability to socialize.

RDF does the same thing LFG tool does, facilitates formation of groups for dungeons, doesn’t force players to use it, encourages preform groups who considers eachothers time important to use it as well.

RDF doesn’t take away your ability to do this, as stated above it encourages you to preform groups with your friends and guildies.

same as above

read above

RDF doesn’t limit your ability to do any of that, it only encourages that by allowing you to preform group for RDF. no Social experience damaged in your examples with RDF enabled.


If wrath gets RDF is will be with ICC. In fact RDF was a catch up mechanic and I’m guessing they will use it as such going forward ie not have at launch of Cata but bring in at the back end.

People leveled and geared just fine the first time around and will do so again this time. The only people affected by not having RDF are the malcontents that want to spew identity politics, be an edge lord or a jerk in lfg chat.


Right, so where does it say, “never”.


Haha - You’re pouting and being condescending because someone won’t argue with you?

You won’t convince me to not like the game as it was released. I don’t care about your opinion. The game is awesome.

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you sound offended by my opinion, guess it is late. you should get some rest.