Norwington's horse quest is ruinous and i hate hate hate hate hate it

Even switching to horde probably wouldn’t help.

Fine, then I won’t fly. Ever. Why am I even a druid?

Also: I have no way to file a bug against the “how to file a bug” system.

“contact support” (ask a few things in what was previously a gracious manner)
“oh, you need the forums” (oh and btw re-login, nvm battle net, it wasn’t useful for THAT)
the forum: “no, the bug system is in-game, go there”

I can go in-loop about as many times between support and bug and TheForums™ and it’s not worth any more “style points” than Cooper the Norwington Horse.

Came back to note, in case anyone else is looking, that at least the horse-dance-for-show that I despise so much, turns out to be not required for the Achieve on the storyline for Tiragarde Sound.

I did the other quest offered at the same time, to go get Rose (another horse from up the hill) and the story advanced.