Normal and Heroic Anduin Wrynn Tuning -- March 22

Hello everyone!

With this week’s weekly realm maintenance, we’ll be making the following changes to the Anduin Wrynn encounter in Sepulcher of the First Ones:

Anduin Wrynn

  • Wicked Star duration decreased to 2 seconds on Normal and Heroic difficulty (was 4 seconds).
  • Anduin’s Doubt and Anduin’s Hope health reduced by 20% on Normal and Heroic difficulty.
  • Anduin’s Doubt and Anduin’s Hope movement speed reduced by 20% on Normal and Heroic difficulty.
  • Purging Light damage reduced by 15% on Normal difficulty.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Empowered Wicked Stars to not damage and silence players.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Fragment of Hope to not properly deal damage.


I’m ready.


This fight is so fun. Please stop ruining it because people cant drag their faces across their keyboards and win.

More nerfs to this fight are so freaking dumb

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Says you, I like the nerfs. At least, the casuals can have an easier introduction into normal difficulty. Blizzard always appeals to top 1%, I am glad they finally did something that benefits us casuals. If you want something harder, then go do mythic difficulty.


I am so sick of this verifiable BS. Fail content to get mythic raid level rewards, WQs giving 252… Raiding is the least accessible content in the game nd its not even the most rewarding.

Every single thing they’ve done this expansion is geared towards casual whiners and they still come in here like “bLiZ oNlY CaTeRs To hArDcOrE RaIdErS.”

The last nerfs were fine. He was still hard but you still had to do stuff.

Just make it complete faceroll… or hey, maybe they should just hand out loot if you fail in the raid… like m+ right?

“Go do mythic difficulty!” … yeah… go look at that mythic raoid queue… that blizzard flat out blocks… from the people they supposedly cater to.

Oh settle down there lol

Something funny that i have noticed whenever i see people complaining about nerfs or asking for something to be harder, it’s almost always someone who’s drawing a line in the sand immediately behind them, it’s like they only just did a thing and they want to limit the people immediately behind them somehow, as if they’re not worthy because they got there a week or two later (or in this case after a nerf) lol

You basically never see the cutting edge of mythic raiding type people weighing in on this type of crap because it’s so far under their radar that they just don’t give a damn, it’s always someone that thinks they deserve to be in a higher bracket somehow or the bad people swimming around beside them are making them feel insecure :joy:


How many more times do you have to nerf this? Its freaking ANDUIN

I’m 10/11H and have numerous CEs under my belt and I can confidently say that you speak for the minority here. These nerfs are significant, but they are not at all going to stop players from wiping to Blasphemy, dragging Wicked Stars through adds, missing kicks on adds, or not healing the Befouled Barrier.

It’s a good boss IMO, but Normal/Heroic Anduin is just disproportionately harder than everything else in the raid and Normal in particular is just too delicate of a fight for its intended audience. Normal raiders were NOT going to kill Anduin in most pre-nerf states, and Mythic raiders even recently had a harder time with this boss than they did with most of Mythic SoD during progression.

Gatekeeping Mythic is fine and perfectly acceptable IMO; gatekeeping Heroic is a good way to quickly start killing the best part of the game.


If you want something easier, wait for all of LFR to open. kekw

The fight is already neutered, though. These nerfs, on top of double legendaries, will simply make it a loot pinata.

It looks like you’re mostly a heroic/early mythic raid type player so I assume you mean the heroic raid version of Anduin right? How has your experience been on heroic Anduin so far?


uh oh, crybaby’s gonna cry. This should be fun lol.

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no, actually, the fight is not lining up with the boss before it or after it in difficulty.

it is incorrectly tuned.


youre welcome to go fail at mythic

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We have literally made thread after thread about making raiding more accessible to players and you have been against our ideas. Making normal mode easier makes raiding more accessible.


lol it’s always the heroic raiders who hardly do mythic thinking they’re better than everyone else. Why do people getting normal boss kills bother you so much.


cant you get other bosskills? why does it have to be this one?

I almost feel they could have waited another week with double leggos coming tomorrow, then see if it needs the nerfs.

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As many times as it takes for him not to be a near-impossible fight on normal.

You don’t need a week to see the obvious. He’s a mid tier boss whose objectively harder than the bosses after him and he’s gatekeeping critical pieces of gear he’s supposedly balanced around having to begin with. He’s even harder than the first set of bosses on heroic even and he isn’t easy in a way that double leggos are just going to magically solve.

Normal is literally designed to be done by the majority. Blizzard themselves said it is friends and family/beer league difficulty level. Nobody is asking Anduin to just stand there and auto attack us while maybe chucking a divine star blindfolded once every 10 minutes. Save that level of ease for LFR.

Blasphemy needs to, instead of doing damage for failing, stun them for a few seconds. It also needs to clearly pick the targets it is going to make do the mechanic and leave everyone else without an aura so the people who get it all know and can see who each other are in those first few seconds. This would also allow the strat to handle it simply be folks with auras move to a set location and everyone else on opposite side. I’ve lost count now the number of times I’ve seen a lone pair on opposite sides scrambling to find each other followed by both eating the floor after.

It needs to not have the debuff when going to the shadow realm. Let beer league players set a dedicated team to handle it while the left of bell curve ones stay on top.

The barrier shouldn’t be cast while a group is in the shadow realm for normal. There should be 2 fear adds max on normal.


LFR is designed to be done by the majority, literally the only reason for it’s existence. Normal should have an appreciable difficulty to it. Normal is the starting point for casual but coordinated raiding and when the kinks are figured out then the pug runs come in. Those groups then bleed into Heroic and the dedicated bleed into Mythic.

I’m not going to debate whether or not that difficulty is arbitrary because it was designed around double leggos but what I am saying is that if it is designed that way then give us a week with them to see if the nerfs are warranted.